AALLNET Mission, Policies and Guidelines

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Approved by the Executive Board, July 1996, Tab 16.
Revised April 2014 Tab 5

I. AALLNET Mission Statement

AALLNET is the official website of AALL and exists to support the Association's Mission and Strategic Directions. It serves as the information resource for members, stakeholders and the public. AALLNET serves as a resource for conducting Association business, enabling members to communicate with one another and serving as an access point for AALL publications, products, services, programs and information.

II. Policies Governing Content Posted to AALLNET

  1. Current AALLNET policies regarding AALLNET content include a copyright policy, a linking policy, privacy policy and a social media policy.
  2. SISs, Caucuses, and Chapters are responsible for content, accuracy, and maintenance of their information for their respective sites.

III. Responsibilities

AALLNET Committee

Governed by the AALLNET Policy approved by the Executive Board, the AALLNET Committee has advisory responsibility for the AALL website, as outlined by their committee charge.

  1. Maintains relationships with AALL entities and members to solicit information on their needs and concerns regarding the content and format of AALLNET.
  2. Advises the Director of Information Technology on any needs and concerns identified.
  3. Recommends to the AALL Executive Board policies regarding the content and format of AALLNET.

AALL Director of Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for AALLNET and serves as the AALLNET Committee's staff liaison.

  1. Implements the policies and procedures governing AALLNET.
  2. Consults regularly with the AALLNET Committee.
  3. Advises the Executive Director, Executive Board or other appropriate entities about changes to AALLNET.

IV. Policies governing advertising on AALLNET

Advertising on AALLNET will be consistent with the Association's advertising policies.