AALL Vision 2010-2013

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The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), the national professional organization for all law librarians and those who support the field of law librarianship, serves as the voice of professional advancement and permanent public access to legal information. AALL has set a course to continue to be an essential part of the professional life of every member.

In the future:

Members will be recognized as valued leaders in the legal community. AALL, as a dynamic association, will provide leadership training and professional support enabling members to direct and manage information as essential contributors to the mission of their organizations.

Members will have the skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing environment of law and information. AALL will provide multiple educational opportunities for members to find innovative solutions and be at the forefront of new developments.

Members will work to advance and protect continuous and permanent access to legal information. AALL will provide the national voice, the reputation, and the stature to be a strong advocate for law librarians and their constituencies.

AALL and its members seek the advancement of law librarians and the vision to promote critical information policies. AALL, through its initiatives in leadership, education, and advocacy, will solidify the necessary role of law librarians in the global information society.


The Association exists through the intent and contributions of members and in turn, members benefit from an active, robust association, accomplishing collectively what individuals cannot. A strong partnership between the membership and professional association staff positions AALL as a leader among professional legal and information organizations and promotes the influence and economic success of individual law librarians. A fiscally sound organization provides services and benefits expected by members. Members develop vital leadership skills by participation in AALL activities and educational events. Through AALL and its internal networks and groups, members find collective wisdom, knowledge, and the expertise to succeed.


Law librarians work in and contribute to the fast-paced legal information society. Members will gain the progressive skills to meet the challenges in managing and accessing information by participating in continuing, specialized education. The core competencies acknowledge the complex and diversified skills required to succeed and thrive, and offer a basis for professional education development. Members expect the ability to participate in expanded educational offerings on their schedule, at a competitive price, and using a variety of formats best suited to their style of learning.


Law librarians, possessing unique education and training, have the special responsibility to promote permanent public access, authentication, and preservation of public domain government information. Standards for access must continue to expand with the advances in technology. AALL as a collective force can promote and advocate on behalf of members. Given the critical role of law libraries in a democracy, members with the support of AALL must reinforce those critical policies protecting open access to legal information for all citizens. AALL must promote standards for equitable publisher and vendor business practices by educating all relevant parties. AALL must encourage full and open communication between providers and consumers of legal information.