AALL Strategic Directions 2013-2016

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Approved by the Executive Board December 2012

AALL's Timeless Core Ideology

Core Ideology describes an organization's consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. Core ideology consists of two elements: Core Purpose – the organization's reason for being – and Core Organizational Values – essential and enduring principles that guide the behavior of an organization.

Core Purpose: AALL advances the profession of law librarianship and supports the professional growth of its members.

Core Organizational Values:

  • Lifelong learning and intellectual growth.
  • Equitable and permanent public access to legal information.
  • Continuous improvement in access to justice.
  • Community and collaboration.
  • The essential role of law librarians within their organizations and in a democratic society.

AALL's Long-term Envisioned Future (10+ Years)

The envisioned future conveys a concrete yet unrealized vision for the organization. It consists of a big (hairy) audacious goal (BHAG)– a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort and a vivid description which is a vibrant and engaging description of what it will be like to achieve the BHAG.

BHAG (Vision): AALL and its members will be the recognized authority in all aspects of legal information.

Vivid Description of a Desired Future:

Legal information is understood as synonymous with law librarians. AALL is the recognized leader in advocating for no-fee permanent public access to government legal information and the essential role law librarians play in accessing legal information. The association's leadership is sought for their expertise in policy and legislation development affecting access to legal information. Law librarians and allied professionals turn to the AALL as their primary source for up-to-date information and professional development on the law librarianship profession. The association sets the standards for legal research competencies for the legal profession. It provides an esteemed network of colleagues willing to share insights and best practices.  Membership and engagement in AALL is recognized and supported by employers as essential to professional growth and success. Law librarians continue to enhance their value by anticipating changing needs and expectations of their work environments and are considered part of the decision-making team. As a result of the efforts of AALL and its members, legal information continues to be accessible and the role of law librarians continues to be valued and essential.

AALL's Three-Year Goals and Objectives

Goals represent outcome-oriented statements intended to guide and measure the organization's future success. The achievement of each goal will move the organization towards the realization of its "Envisioned Future." Supporting objectives further clarify direction and describe what the organization wants to have happen. In other words, a descriptive statement of what constitutes success in measurable terms.


Goal: Law Librarians will be recognized as an essential part of the legal profession.


  • Increase the recognition of law librarians as an essential part of the success of their institutions.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of partnerships with allied professionals.
  • Increase members' ability to anticipate and adapt to evolving professional environments.


Goal: AALL and its members will influence legal and government information policies in the public and private sectors.


  • Improve the quality and availability of legal information products and services.
  • Expand relationships with policymakers and organizations on the local, state, and federal levels to advance legislation and public policies affecting libraries.
  • Lead advocacy efforts to ensure the authentication and preservation of official digital resources.
  • Increase advocacy efforts for government information to be in the public domain and for information on government websites to be permanently available to the public at no charge.
  • Promote the value of public law libraries at the local, state and federal levels including the need for adequate resources to ensure access to justice.


Goal: AALL will become the premier provider of education to legal information and allied professionals.


  • Increase information professionals' opportunities for specialized and skills-based training and educational programs with expanded subject matter content.
  • Initiate revenue-generating educational offerings targeting allied professionals.
  • Expand the use of technologies to provide an enriching experience for all learning styles.
  • Increase collaboration with allied professionals and educational institutions.