Tips for Revising Bylaws

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The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee is a Standing Committee whose purpose is to serve as a resource for the Association, the SISs, the Chapters, the Caucuses and members on questions relating to the Bylaws and parliamentary procedure in accordance with existing AALL Bylaws. This document will list the information needed to successfully revise or create bylaws.

Revisions: SISs, Chapters and Caucuses must receive approval from the Bylaws and Resolution Committee for any new bylaws or bylaws amendments, to ensure they are not in conflict with the AALL Bylaws. This should be done before the proposed bylaws or amendments are sent to the members of the SISs, Chapters or Caucuses for their adoption.

List of Materials to Help With Bylaws Revisions

  1. Review the AALL Bylaws to make sure there isn't a conflict with your proposed bylaws. (NOTE: You may also find the Bylaws by going to the Leadership & Governance Tab – AALL Bylaws.)
  2. All bylaws must include the anti-discrimination clause from the AALL Bylaws, Article. III.

Special Interest Sections:

  1. In order to help with bylaws revisions for the SISs, there are Model Bylaws that will help you formalize the language and sections. (NOTE: You may also find the Model Bylaws by going to the Member Communities Tab – Special Interest Sections – Clicking on SIS Resources (bottom of the right side of the page) – SIS Bylaws - Model Bylaws.)


  1. There is help for Chapter bylaws revisions also. (NOTE: You may also find this document by going to: Member Communities Tab – Chapters – Clicking on Chapter Resources (bottom of the right side of the page) – Chapter Bylaws.) This document describes what provisions must be included in a Chapter's bylaws and also provides model bylaws. Following are musts and differences for chapter bylaws:
    1. Membership in a Chapter of the Association or participation in any activity of a Chapter shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability sexual orientation or gender identity (added February 2014).
    2. Chapters can create their own membership categories. They do not have to mirror AALL's membership categories.
    3. Chapters may not incur expenses on behalf of the Association nor may they commit the Association by any declaration of policy.
    4. The Chapter President must be an AALL member.


  1. Caucuses are not required to adopt a structure, such as Bylaws, for their own governance. However any structure adopted shall not be in conflict with the Bylaws or Policies of AALL. Whenever the Caucus Bylaws are adopted or amended, they shall be submitted to the Bylaws & Resolutions Committee for review. To review the help documents for Caucus creation review the Caucus Guidelines. (NOTE: You may also find this document by going to: Member Communities Tab – Caucus – Caucus Guidelines.)