Chapter Match Program FAQ

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  1. I want to partner with another local legal professional association. How do I find out who to contact so I can get started?

    If you don't know who the local contact is for the organization you want to partner with, consider reaching out to the AALL Representative for the organization. If the organization you want to partner with doesn't have an official AALL Representative, contact AALL Executive Director Kate Hagan. The AALL Representative will be able to connect you with the right individual at the local level to work with. In addition, the AALL Representative may also know about other events or partnerships with other Chapters and can share insight, ideas and best practices as well.

  2. What kinds of partnering opportunities are there out there to choose from?

    The sky's the limit, really, when it comes to what kinds of opportunities are out there. If your Chapter can conceive of it and wants to do it, there is probably a way to get it to come to fruition. Many Chapters have done jointly-sponsored events, provided speakers for meetings or educational events, and written articles for other professional association publications, but the opportunities are certainly not limited to this.

  3. What have some other Chapters done in the past?

    Some recent examples of Chapter partnerships include the following:
    • A panel of librarians from the New Orleans Association of Law Libraries (NOALL) presented a program on law library terminology and advice to the local New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Read the overview of this event.
    • Two law firm librarians from the Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) presented a program on the challenges facing law firm libraries today and future trends and opportunities for librarian to the Association of Legal Administrators Silicon Valley Chapter. Read more about this event.
    • The Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section (PLL-SIS) and The Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C. (LLSDC) partnered to host "Showcase: Empowering the Next Generation of Law Firms," where members of the American Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar, the Association of Legal Administrators, the Legal Marketing Association and ARMA were all invited to attend. The PLL-SIS has also partnered with another Chapter (LLAGNY), and hopes to continue to work with other Chapters in the future. Read more about this effort.

  4. How can I find out what other Chapters have done or are planning to do?

    Keep up on all of the various news sources that may have details of Chapter events — Chapter newsletters, Chapter Council Chats, AALL Weekly e-News, AALL Monthly e-Newsletter, AALL Spectrum , and the Chapter listerv.

  5. Once a partnership has been established and I want to share the outcome and experience with others, how can I go about doing that?

    Send information about the partnership to the Chapter Council Chair, the AALL Representative for the relevant organization, and the AALL Manager of Marketing and Communications. Also, make sure some write up of the event goes into the other professional organization's newsletter or listserv. Consider writing something for your Chapter newsletter and maybe even AALL Spectrum.