Susan Goldner - June 2004

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June 2004

Introducing Diana Jaque, Incoming Chapter Council Chair

You may all know that Diana is the Head of Collection Development and Acquisitions at the University of Southern California Law Library, but did you know that she has been there for 7 1/2 years, 5 of them as a librarian. She started there as an assistant and appreciates the great amount of encouragement she received while completing her library degree. She loves to travel. Earlier this year she went on her first cruise, to the Carribean. It was so terrific that she took a second one, this time to Alaska. Diana also loves to garden and was tending the violet on her desk while I spoke to her. She is very enthusiastic about working with all of you.

Chapters and the Report of the Career Development Task Force

The Task Force Report is now available. I encourage each of you to read it. Among the key findings of their survey is that members want face-to-face programming that is close to home, affordable and one day long or less. Ideally, this can be accomplished by having AALL, the Chapters, and the SISs work together to create and offer programming. We will be involved with figuring out how this can work. You will hear more about this in Boston during our Saturday afternoon training session.

Chapter Leadership Training, Saturday, July 10, 1:30-3:30

All the Chapter Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and soon-to-be Vice Presidents are encouraged to attend our general training session in Boston on Saturday afternoon. I am still in the process of finalizing the agenda, but most of it is in place.

You can expect to hear from Phyllis Marion about the work of the Career Development Task Force and how it relates to chapters. Richard Amelung will fill us in on plans for the celebration of the AALL Centennial in 2006. Mary Alice Baish and Hays Butler will talk about the GRC and their work with Florida county library funding. Susan Fox, our Executive Director, and Kim Rundle will be there. Won't you be glad to put a face with Kim's name?

We will also have opportunities to meet in discussion groups. Frank Houdek will help you decide how to maintain your chapters memory through the annual report and the chapter archives. Ann Fessenden, our AALL Board liaison, will guide you through Chapter Visit and Chapter VIP issues. Steve Ligda will lead you in a discussion on chapter budgeting. Other possible topics are giving chapter grants, celebrating anniversaries/presenting institutes, connecting with library school students, and writing president's columns. If you have a favorite, let me know.

Tune into the next issue of the Chapter Council Chat for a full agenda. You do not need to register for this session -- but I'd love to see each of you there.

Past Presidents, We Need You

As your chapters make the transition to a new group of officers, I would like to invite the Past-Presidents to remain on our discussion list where your experience and expertise can benefit everyone. Also, there is an excellent chance that Diana will be calling upon a few of you to help her with a committee or two this coming year.


Susan Goldner
Chapter Council President