Diana Jaque - July 2004

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July 2004

From Susan...Thanks and more thanks!

I have truly enjoyed my year as Chapter Council Chair and want to thank you for the opportunity. I learned a great deal by attending AALL Board meetings and it was an honor to represent you there. It was a pleasure to meet so may of you in Boston and put names and faces together. Next year should be an interesting and busy one, as AALL and the chapters respond to the report done by the Career Development Task Force. I am very hopeful that together you will find improved means of providing education to your members. I know that Diana Jaque will serve you well as guide and advocate.

As my last word, let me thank the people that went out of their way to provide you with training during the Annual Meeting: Phyllis Marion, Caren Luckie, Tory Trotta, Mary Alice Baish, Ann Fessenden, Frank Houdek, Cindy Spohr, Susan Siebers, Steve Ligda, Elizabeth Le Doux, Sally Holterhoff and Diana Jaque. AALL is successful because it has so many willing volunteers. And that includes YOU!

Susan Goldner

Strategic Plan

AALL will soon embark on a set of strategic conversations that will culminate in a new strategic vision statement for the association in mid-2005. Watch for an opportunity to voice your opinion when the association hosts an electronic bulletin board on the topic this fall. Merle Slyhoff is heading up this process and has asked me to determine which chapters have strategic plans. If your chapter has a strategic plan, please contact me ASAP.

Chapter Rosters

The inimitable Kim Rundle has requested that the chapters update their current officer roster. Please check your chapter roster, within your chapter profile and send any changes to Kim Rundle. She would like all chapters to reply to her directly by August 6, 2004.

Call for Volunteers: Council Education Commitee

As many of you heard at the Chapter Leadership training, the Council will now be responsible for planning the Chapter Leadership Professional Roundtable that is held the Saturday prior to the annual meeting. I'd love to have volunteers for a council education committee to help put together the program for next year. While we're at it, this is a good time to re-examine the other Chapter Leadership Roundtables and see if we should continue as is or change some of the topics. This is another topic for consideration by the education committee volunteers. To this end, I ask each of you to please consider volunteering for the education committee. Regardless of whether or not you can volunteer, please complete the attached survey concerning the chapter training and chapter roundtables. For further information contact me.

Annual Meeting Chapter VIPs: Follow-up

For those chapters who sent VIPs to the annual meeting, please share your VIPs experience. At least one of the chapter VIPs enthusiastically joined AALL, but I'd love to hear your chapter's experience. Please email me and I'll share them with the Council in a future Chapter Council Chat.

Council Business Meeting Minutes

If you did not get a chance to attend the Council Business Meeting on July 10, 2004, you missed some exciting new developments. The attached minutes relay all of the issues we discussed, please take a look and forward any questions or corrections to me.

On the Horizon: Chapter Visit Forms

Kim Rundle is working on a quick update of the Executive Board Visitor Forms for chapters. The forms will be ready after August 1, 2004 via the following link http://www.aall.org/chapter/chapter_visit_policy.asp

That's it for now. Enjoy the last few fleeting weeks of summer!
it for now. Enjoy the last few fleeting weeks of summer!


Diana C. Jaque
Chapter Council President