Diana Jaque with Ann Fessenden - August 2004

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August 2004

From Diana...Centennial Q & A

2006 marks the Centennial of AALL. Without prizes or even a celebrity host, let's brush up on our AALL History with a round of Centennial Q & A. Test your knowledge of AALL history and look at the end of this newsletter for the answer-or rather the question!

Answer: AALL was formed on July 2, 1906 during the ALA conference at Narragansett Pier, R.I. Name the law librarian who was the first AALL President and organizer of the initial 1906 meeting.*

From Ann...Chapter Visitors

"Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test...." So begins a song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and A.A.L.L. Executive Board members would love to be your guest! I had the opportunity in Boston to discuss Board visits with many of you, and found there were 3 FAQ's:

Q. Who pays?

A. Costs are negotiable, but the most common practice is for A.A.L.L. to pay airfare and the Chapter to cover hotel, meals, and local transportation, and to waive registration fees.

Q. Who decides which Board member visits?

A. Short answer -- the President, but Chapters can request particular Board members. There used to be a policy against Board members being the "visitor" to their own Chapters (so you could have a fresh perspective), but this policy has been relaxed the last few years due to tight A.A.L.L. budgets. There's a rotation schedule for the President, Vice President, and Past President, but you can request one of them if you have a special event, like an anniversary, even if it's not "your year." Of course, final assignment will depend on individual schedules.

Q. Our meeting schedule isn't set yet and the form is due to headquarters September 3. Does that mean we can't get a visitor this year?

A. No! While it is helpful to have as much notice as possible, the deadline is not etched in stone. Send in the form as soon as you can to express your interest, and then follow up with the specifics later when you have them.

If you have any questions, please contact me or any Board member, or see:
http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/clb_v7i1.pdf (pages 3-4)

We hope to be your guest! Ann Fessenden, Executive Board Liaison

From Diana...Chapter Council home page

Michael Samson (MichALL) volunteered to put together an online resource for the Council. The resource will include all of the handouts from the Chapter Roundtables and Training sessions held at AALL as well as links to other helpful information. We are hoping to provide you, our chapter leaders, with this new resource by late fall or early winter. If you have suggestions for content or links, please contact me!

Strategic Plans

By this time, the suspense must be killing you. Which chapters have strategic plans? Well, right now only GPLLA and LLAM have formal strategic plans. Both documents are available online for your reading pleasure on the GPLLA and LLAM Web sites. MALL's less formal strategic plan, MALL in Action, is also available online. Richard Jost (LLOPS) let me know that he has just appointed a committee to develop a strategic plan for LLOPS. It will be interesting to hear their experiences as they work through the planning process this year. Thanks to many of you who confirmed that your chapter does not have a strategic plan in place at this time.

Agenda Item Request: AALL November Executive Board Meeting

On occasion chapters submit information or action items for the AALL Executive Board Meeting Agenda. If you would like to submit an agenda item for the November meeting, please contact me or Ann Fessenden for further information. We will point you to the proper forms and assist in drafting your submission. All forms must be completed and submitted to headquarters before October 18, 2004 (please see attached).

In the September Chapter Council Chat: Chapter Liability Insurance renewals

Centennial Q & A: Part II
Answer: Who was A.J. Small? *


Diana C. Jaque
Chapter Council President