Diana Jaque - September 2004

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September 2004

Centennial Q & A

2006 marks the Centennial of AALL. Without prizes or even a celebrity host, let's brush up on our AALL History with a round of Centennial Q & A. Test your knowledge of AALL history and look at the end of this newsletter for the answer/or rather the question!

Answer: The first AALL Chapter had its roots in a gathering of North Carolina law librarians in October 1937. This group, initially known as the North Carolina Law Librarians, became AALL's first chapter in 1940. This chapter has since changed names twice. Give the current name of this chapter.*

Chapter Liability Insurance Renewal

Again this year, the American Association of Law Libraries is affording Chapters the ability to purchase Chapter Liability Insurance coverage through its broker, Mesirow Financial Services. The annual premium for coverage will remain at $1.50 per Chapter member. To purchase or renew coverage for your Chapter, please go to: http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/financial_liability.asp and complete the brief application.

Note that the deadline for receipt of your application and premium payment is October 20th. If you have any questions regarding this offer, please contact Steve Ligda, Director of Finance and Administration at sligda@aall.org.


At July's leadership training, one of our roundtable topics was the AALL Centennial and the AALL Archives. Several of you asked for some specific guidelines on the materials chapters should send to the AALL Archives housed at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. AALLNet contains guidelines and contact information for the archives: http://www.aallnet.org/about/policy_archives.asp

Here's a quick re-cap of materials your chapter should forward to the AALL Archives:

Official records: constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings, transcripts, lists or officers and members.

Office files: correspondence and memoranda (incoming and outgoing) and subject files concerning projects, activities and functions.

Historical files documenting policies, decisions, committee and task force reports, questionnaires.

Publications: one record copy of all programs, journals, monographs, newsletters, brochures, posters and announcements issued by the association or its subdivisions.

Audio-visuals: photographs and sound recordings.

Personal papers of members which relate directly to association work.

Charts and maps.

Quick Reminders & Announcements:

Law Libraries battered by recent hurricanes
I've heard that several law libraries have lost a significant number of library materials as a result of the recent hurricanes. In the coming weeks, we may see postings of 'needs lists' from these libraries. Please check your collections and see if you have any duplicates to spare. My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes or whose place of employment has sustained damage during this devastating hurricane season.

Agenda Item Request: AALL November Board Meeting
On occasion chapters submit information or action items for the AALL Executive Board Meeting Agenda. If you would like to submit an agenda item for the November meeting, please contact me or Ann Fessenden for further information. We will point you to the proper forms and assist in drafting your submission. All forms must be completed and submitted to headquarters before October 18, 2004 . Kim Rundle's memo concerning agenda items is attached.

It's Not too late...
to request a board visit for 2004-05. Remember that the initial deadline mentioned in the last email is not hard and fast. If your chapter is planning an annual meeting in very late fall or the spring, contact Kim Rundle as soon as you know the specific date when you would like a visitor. Chapter visit forms, as well as the current rotation, are available on AALLNet. By this, our third council chat for 2004-05, all of you probably have figured out that AALLNet has become my homepage!

Centennial Q & A: Part II
Answer: Who or what is SEALL? *


Diana C. Jaque
Chapter Council President