Beth DiFelice - August 2005

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August 2005

Invite a VIP to AALL's 100th Anniversary

Help AALL celebrate 100 years by inviting a VIP to the St. Louis meeting. Chapter VIPs can include judges, law school deans, court administrators, law firm partners, trustees, and journalists. For ideas of people to invite, see a list compiled by the Annual Meeting Program Committee at

For more information about the Chapter VIP program, see AALLNet at If your chapter has taken advantage of the VIP program in the past, please share your insights.

Invite an Executive Board Member to Visit your Chapter

Members of the AALL Executive Board would love to visit your chapter! Interested chapters should send in the form located on AALLNet at The form includes an August 31st deadline, but chapters not ready to send in the form this month can submit it at a later date. It is helpful to include the specific date for the chapter visit - e.g. "May 12th" instead of "sometime in May." Every three years, your chapter is entitled to a visit by the President, Vice-President/President-Elect or Immediate Past President. To see if it's your chapter's turn, go to More information about chapter visits is on AALLNet at, including "Top 10 Reasons Why Your Chapter Should Request a AALL Chapter Visitor" and "Q: What's Half as Much Hassle as You Think and Twice as Rewarding? A: A Chapter Board Visit."

AALL's Education Summit

I look forward to seeing you or another representative of your chapter at the Education Summit September 23-24. 26 chapters are sending representatives! The purpose of the Education Summit is to discuss and plan for future professional development opportunities for law librarians.

Discussion items will include:

  1. What we know and believe about our members' needs, wants and preferences relative to professional development programming;
  2. What we know and believe about current realities and evolving dynamics of professional development programming;
  3. What we know and believe about the capacity and strategic position of AALL relative to professional development education programming; and
  4. What are the ethical implications of models and practices that we might adopt?

Expected outcomes are:

  1. Clarify and agree on a common definition of "professional development"
  2. Clarify and agree on appropriate roles and responsibilities of AALL entities in planning and executing professional development programs [AALL, Chapters and Special Interest Sections]
  3. Create and agree on an appropriate business model for the delivery of professional development
  4. Identify critical, general [high level] areas of content to be addressed during the next three years

If your chapter is not sending someone to the summit, please feel free to contact me before the summit about your members' professional development needs.

Agenda Item Requests for the AALL October Board Meeting

The AALL Executive Board will be meeting October 14-15. Agenda items need to be submitted by September 19. If your chapter has an agenda item to submit, use the form at I will be attending the meeting, so please contact me if there is anything you think I should be aware of before the meeting.

Chapter Rosters

Please check your chapter roster at to make sure this year's officers are included. Email Kim Rundle with corrections at

Minutes from the July Business Meeting

The minutes from the July 2005 Chapter of Council Presidents business meeting are at ChapterCouncilMinutes_2005.pdf. Send me any corrections or additions.

AALL Strategic Directions

Check out the AALL Strategic Directions on AALLNet at

A Message from Diana Jaque

A Texas-Sized Thank You!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve as council chair in 2004-05. It was a blast because of the enthusiasm and creativity that each of you bring to the chapters. During the year, I had a chance to participate in the meetings of the AALL Executive Board and want you to know how important the work of the chapters is to the board and AALL. Each of you is a central part of the law library community and your efforts do not go unnoticed. So thank you for the wonderful work that you have done already and/or the work that you will be doing this year. May you find your time as leaders to be one of the most fulfilling experiences in your professional career!

In closing, I'd like to thank each of the individuals who contributed to the 2005 Chapter Council Training: Mary Alice Baish, Carol Billings, Sharon Blackburn, Beth DiFelice, Frank Houdek, Darcy Kirk, Steve Ligda, Larry Meyer, Blythe McCoy, Steven Oberhoffer, and Pam Reisinger. Last, but not least, special thanks go to Ann Fessenden, 2004-05 Executive Board liaison to the Council. Ann provided great support and invaluable advice during the past year.

All the best to each of you and thank you once again!



Beth DiFelice
Chapter Council President