Beth DiFelice - October 2005

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October 2005

Chapter Liability Insurance Renewal Due Now

If your chapter purchases liability insurance through AALL's carrier, it's time to renew. The premium is $1.50 per chapter member. Your payment must be received by the insurer, Mesirow Insurance Services, by October 20th. For more information, including the address where you need to send your check, see

Education Summit

It was good to see many of you at the AALL Education Summit on September 23rd and 24th. It was an interesting two days, and there was much discussion about chapters. One of our activities was to create short lists of the roles of chapters, SISes, and AALL in providing professional development opportunities apart from the Annual Meeting. The group concluded that the most important roles for chapters were: delivering time-sensitive information to our members quickly and cheaply; delivering local and state-specific materials to our members; and partnering with local groups and vendors. I know many of you are doing this already! Comments from other Summit attendees:

"The Education Summit was a well-developed program grounded in a wide array of background materials. Drawing on the diverse and extensive experience of the participants, our professional and extremely competent facilitator was able to lead us to a working consensus regarding the educational responsibilities of the Chapters, SIS's and AALL itself. Two focused, intense days of work produced a comprehensive direction for future professional development education throughout our organization. It was a privilege to participate in this program. I expect that we will see immediate results from our efforts as well as future on-going changes as a result of this Education Summit." - Rebecca Trammell, SEALL

"I thought Cate, the facilitator, was very good. And we had a lot of important, intelligent discussion on the nuts and bolts of getting a better professional development scheme in place for AALL, so I feel positive that there will be good outcomes from the summit. However, I did expect that we would discuss the actual content of the programming we need much more. When I'd requested feedback from the LLAW Board before attending the summit, I was told that we need more professional development focused on non-legal areas such as marketing, corporate research, etc.; how to develop rapport with technology professionals; how to value ourselves as law librarians; this kind of thing. As it was, I believe the content issue was the last item on the agenda, but we never got to it, and that was a bit of a disappointment to me, frankly." - Diane Duffey, LLAW.

"In my view the Summit was successful in coming up with good ideas for AALL to be able to partner with the chapters and SISs in ways to assist individual members in their professional development needs. Many of the ideas will be easy to implement and could be accomplished relatively quickly and inexpensively. Others will take more time and dollars but in the course of a three year period, all of the objectives that were identified can come to fruition for the professional good of all." - Marcy McCahan, AzALL

Board Visits

Every year, almost every chapter requests a visit from a AALL Executive Board Member. About 8 chapters have requested one so far. When your chapter has set its meeting time and is ready to request a visit from a member of the AALL Executive Board, use the request form available at


Beth DiFelice
Chapter Council President