Kimberly Serna - August 2006

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August 2006

AALL Recap

Handouts from the Chapter Leadership Training in St. Louis are now available on AALLNET.

Surveys using Zoomerang

The use of Zoomerang for surveys is free for the first 100 individuals surveyed. After that, there is a cost. AALL headquarters purchased a subscription that will allow chapters the ability to conduct online surveys of all their members. Chapters wishing to make use of this service can contact Susan Fox or Kim Rundle for log-in information.

Please update your Chapter Rosters

Some chapters still have not updated their chapter rosters on AALLNet to include this year's officers. To see if your roster is up-to-date, go to You can email your updates to Kim Rundle.

Executive Board Visits

The Executive Board of the American Association of Law Libraries recognizes the importance of chapter visits in the life of the Association. These visits provide an opportunity for Executive Board members to meet with members of chapters and to hear their suggestions and concerns about issues confronting the profession and the Association. The visits afford an occasion for Executive Board members to inform chapter members about Association activities and policies as well as to meet law librarians on a one-to-one basis. Visit to obtain a Chapter Visit Request form, as well as chapter visit policies, procedures, and checklists. When scheduling your chapter visit please keep in mind that the Executive Board meetings will be held Nov. 1st - 4th 2006 and Mar. 23rd - 24th 2007.

Chapter Deadlines

The Chapter Deadlines page has been updated. To view upcoming deadlines visit the chapters section of AALLNET and go to Resources for Chapter Leadership.

AALL Government Relations Committee
(submitted by Larry Meyer, San Bernardino County Law Library)

During the past few years, the AALL GRC working with the AALL Washington Affairs Office has developed an advocacy network in an effort to support our representatives in Washington as they represent our interests as law librarians. As part of this process the GRC has developed a liaison program to communicate our positions, alerts, updates and other advocacy related information to the chapters. Below you will find a listing of GRC members and the chapters to which they are assigned. Please feel free to direct any questions to your liaison or to Kimberly Serna, who in turn can forward your questions to the GRC. If you would like to subscribe to the Advocacy Listserv, you may easily do so through the Washington office web site. Thanks go to each of you and your chapters for your cooperation and assistance with our ever increasing effectiveness in D.C

Barbara Brandon - ALLA and WPLLA
Hays Butler - NJLLA
Paul Callister - MAALL and MALL
Janet Fischer - AZALL, NOCALL and WestPAC
Mary Lou Hess - GPLLA and LLAGNY
Stephanie Hess - NOALL and SFALL
Scott Matheson - CoALL and LLOPS
Larry Meyer - Council of Chapter Presidents, LLAA and LLAM
Keith Ann Stiverson - CALL, DALL, LLSDC and SWALL
Maryruth Storer - SANDALL and SCALL
Camilla Tubbs - LLAW and LLNE
Sally Wambold - SEAALL and VALL
Kate Wilko - ALLUNY, HALL and SNELLA
Eric Young - MichALL and ORALL


Kimberly Serna
Chapter Council President