Mary Lu Linnane - December 2007

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December 2007

AALL Board Meeting

At last month's AALL Board meeting there was clarification of who qualifies as an invited VIP (Valuable Invited Participant) at the annual meeting. The purpose of the VIP program is to reach outside the law library community and invite guests from the legal, governmental or information communities to receive a complimentary full registration to the AALL annual meeting. While the previous wording encouraged chapters to select non-AALL members, the revised wording limits participation in the VIP program to individuals who are not members of AALL. For full information about the VIP program check the chapter resources on AALLNET.

Past President Sally Holterhoff, Vice President/President-Elect James Duggan, both past Chairs of the Council of Chapter Presidents, and I make up the Task Force on Chapter Visits for the coming year. We plan to conclude the work begun by the previous task force, including updating information on chapter visits and improving the way chapter reports and biographical information is submitted to AALL.

Stay tuned for more information.

Annual Reports

Beginning with 2006-2007 annual reports will be available on AALLNET instead of being published in Law Library Journal. This includes the annual reports from each chapter. Take a look at your own chapter and check out what others accomplished last year!

AALL Board Visits

Are you thinking of inviting an AALL Board member to visit your chapter? If so, why not get the wheels in motion now? As of July 2007, the cost of a chapter visit is covered entirely by AALL so you no longer have to worry about expenses for the chapter. Please see AALLNET for more information about arranging a chapter visit.

AALL 2008 Meeting

Be sure to set aside Saturday July 12, 2008 for the chapter leadership programs at the 2008 AALL meeting in Portland, Oregon. The presidents and vice presidents of each chapter will be invited to participate in this day of a leadership and chapter planning.

I hope that this will be a happy holiday season for all of you.


Mary Lu Linnane
Chapter Council President