Patricia Barbone - August 2011

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Chapter Reports (August 12th deadline)

Please send your report as inline text or a Word attachment to No pdfs. For guidance, you can see examples from your chapter and other chapters from previous years.

Reminder on New Procedures for Chapter Listservs (August 31st deadline)

All chapters are required to adopt a website copyright statement and discussion forum rules by August 31st. AALL has provided sample language for both which you can adopt or modify. The sample website copyright statement and discussion forum rules have been distributed to the chapter listserv. In order to protect your chapter and AALL from potential liability, these procedures must be followed.

In addition to posting both a copyright policy and discussion list policy to your chapter website, please be aware that if you use AALL for your chapter's listserv, and your discussion list has an open subscription policy (anyone can join), you must close you your discussion list by August 31st.

Chapter discussions lists can longer have an open subscription policy (anyone can join). Christopher Siwa from AALL will be contacting all those chapters that have an open subscription policy, and they must select from one of the following options.

  1. PRIVATE: A private mailing list prevents anyone from joining immediately. When a person attempts to join, the List Administrator will receive an email notice, which contains instructions on how to approve that person via email. They may also approve people via the web interface.
  2. CLOSED: A closed mailing list prevents anyone from joining. The List Administrator manually adds people to the list.
  3. PASSWORD PROTECTED: A password protected mailing list allows anyone to join if they know the password. If they do not know the password, they are automatically rejected.

Please note that you can still choose to allow student members and non-members to your listserv.

Update your Chapter information on AALLNET

Please take a moment to review your chapter's profile on AALLNET. A link to the chapter websites and profiles can be found here.

The good news is that 27 chapters have supplied some updated information for their profiles. However, you should check to make sure the position and term are correct and name is spelled correctly, etc, etc. If you have an opening or vacancy, please indicate that as well. Also, if you have a board member or officer that is not a member of AALL, please be sure to supply his or her email address. There are four chapters that have not supplied any updated information. I hope I will hear from those chapters soon.

Send all changes for Chapter Profiles to

2012 Annual Meeting Proposals due

The deadline for program proposals for the 2012 AALL Annual Meeting in Boston are due September 15, 2011. "Learn, Connect, Grow." is the positive and forward-thinking theme for the upcoming year. For information on proposal planning and criteria go to

Council of Chapter Presidents Training Materials

If you were unable to attend leadership training at AALL in Philadelphia on July 23, 2011, please contact me for a copy of the Chapter Leadership Training manual. I have a few bound copies left which I would be happy to email to you. Later this summer I will be emailing a pdf copy to the entire chapter listserv.


Patricia Barbone
Chapter Council President