Holly Riccio - December 2012

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Holiday Greetings To You All!

Believe it or not, December and the holiday season is upon us! Most of you are half way through your terms as Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents and, by now, you have probably experienced both tough challenges and amazing successes. Thanks to each of you for stepping up and taking on your leadership role within your Chapter. It may not always seem like an easy task, but overall I hope you have found it to be a rewarding experience.

Nominate Someone for the 2013 Emerging Leader Award

Chapters are a great training ground for leaders, so why not think about your Chapter members and consider nominating one of them for the 2013 Emerging Leader Award? This award celebrates the contributions of newer law librarians, honoring members of AALL who, in their first 10 years of law library experience, have made a significant contribution to the Association and/or the profession and who show outstanding promise for continuing service and leadership to AALL. The recipient will receive a certificate and a $500 cash prize. If you wish to nominate someone, just fill out the Emerging Leader Award Nomination Form and submit it. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2013. Please also forward the information about this award to your Chapter members. Sample e-mail content is attached for your convenience.

AALL Awards

In addition to the award above, AALL has many other awards that are given out annually. The AALL Awards Program was established as a way to publicly recognize the achievements of law librarians based on service to the profession and contributions to legal literature and materials. Awards are presented each year at the Annual Meeting. Information for all awards, including instructions and forms, can be found on AALLNET on the Awards page. All nominations must be postmarked by February 1, 2013, unless otherwise noted. Of particular interest to Chapters should be the Chapter Professional Development Award. This award actually consists of two awards: one Professional Development Award recognizes a Chapter that excels at designing a comprehensive quality professional development program, up to one year in length, and a second Professional Development Award recognizes a Chapter for a single quality program or workshop of one-half day in length or more.

Chapter Visits and AALL Chapter Visit Best Practices

Have you applied for a Chapter visit yet? Did you know that AALL will pay the visitor's travel expenses, so the visit is at no or very low cost to your Chapter. You will benefit with a wonderful speaker and keep your Chapter members connected to the AALL Executive Board. Simply fill out the Chapter Visit Request Form and return it to Kim Rundle. In addition to the information that is available on AALLNET about Chapter Visits, I have also created and am attaching an AALL Chapter Visit Best Practices Guide, based on comments from Chapter leaders and feedback from the AALL Executive Board. This document is meant to serve as a reminder of the things to do before, during and after any Chapter visit. Think about requesting a Chapter visit for 2013 — they are a great way to network and show off your Chapter!

AALL Annual Meeting Planning

If you haven't sent in your AALL Annual Meeting Scheduling Forms, please do so right away! Although the due date for these forms was December 10th , you can still submit late forms to Pam Reisinger. All Chapter presidents should have received a memo from Pam outlining the scheduling deadlines and details.

Meeting Management Virtual Training

The Meeting Management virtual training was held on Tuesday, November 20th. Former AALL President Joyce Janto presented on the basics of good meeting etiquette, including parliamentary procedure, and provided other tips on running effective meetings. There were 22 attendees from both the Council of Chapter Presidents and the SIS Council. The two handouts that were used in the training are attached and a link to the audio recording can be found on the Chapter Training Resources page on AALLNET.

New Year, New Responsibilities

One of the duties of the Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents is to gather nominations from the Council for the 2013-2014 Chair. I will be asking for nominations starting in mid-January, so start thinking about who you think would be a good candidate or, if you are interested in taking on this wonderful opportunity, nominating yourself. More information on the Role of the Chair can be found on AALLNET, and I am also happy to talk to anyone about my experience so far.

Holly Riccio
Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents 2012-13