JoAnn Hounshell - August 2013

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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Council of Chapter Presidents! I am looking forward to learning about what each chapter is doing and hope that the Council can share innovative ideas and best practices.

Chapter Resources

Please take the time to review the wealth of information that is available for Chapter Presidents under Chapter Resources on AALLNET. The 2013-2014 Leadership Training Manual is the newest addition to the list of resources. Also, do not forget that virtual leadership training will be offered throughout September and October. Registration information for the virtual training will be sent out soon.

AALL Archives Policy

During the Council of Chapter Presidents meeting in Seattle, a question was raised concerning chapter privileges in storing material in the AALL archives, which are housed at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana (UIUC). In answer to the question, any chapter can submit documents for storage within the AALL archives. Please consult the AALL Archives Policy on AALLNET for guidelines on what can and cannot be submitted to the archives, as well as the contact information for the University Archives at UIUC. Please review the policies governing the use of the AALL archives. Chapters submitting documents to the AALL archives must agree to follow the policy and guidelines of the Association on the use of their chapter's materials.

Chapter Annual Reports

Just another reminder, Chapter annual reports are due by August 23. Information on preparing annual reports can be under Chapter Resources here. Please be sure to email your annual report as a Word document to

Review/Update Chapter Information

Please take a moment to review your chapter's profile on AALLNET. A link to the chapter websites and profiles can be found here.

Many chapters have already updated their information for their profiles. However, you should check to make sure the positions and terms of office are correct, names are spelled correctly, etc. Also, if you have a board member or officer that is not a member of AALL, please be sure to supply his or her email address.

All changes for Chapter Profiles should be sent to me at

2014 AALL Annual Meeting Program Proposals

Please remind chapter members that program proposals are due by October 7, 2013 for the 2014 AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio, July 12-15. Members can find information for program proposers on AALLNET. The theme of the 2014 AALL Annual Meeting is Beyond Boundaries. Anyone interested in learning more about writing a program proposal should register for the September 13th webinar, What Makes a Good Program Proposal – Tips for Success here.

AALL Executive Board Agenda Items

A call for agenda items for the 2013 Fall AALL Executive Board Meeting, on October 31-November 2, will be coming out soon. I encourage you to submit your agenda items sooner rather than later. All agenda items should be submitted electronically using the Agenda Item Submission Form on AALLNET. Please consult with me before you submit an agenda item, as I will be asked to explain your agenda item to the Board and will need to be familiar with the issue.

If you have questions or concerns for the AALL Executive Board, please let me know and I will be happy to bring them up for you.

JoAnn Hounshell
Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents 2013-2014