JoAnn Hounshell - November 2013

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Proposed Change to the AALL Bylaws Antidiscrimination Clause

At its November 2013 meeting, the AALL Executive Board approved a recommendation for a proposed change to the bylaws and to send the proposed change forward for adoption by the membership. The proposed change to the Antidiscrimination Clause is as follows:

Section III. Antidiscrimination. Membership in the Association or in any of its Chapters, or participation in any activity of the Association or its Chapters, shall not be denied or abridged to any individual on account of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The Executive Board agreed to submit the amendment to the membership by a distributed ballot on December 16. More information will be provided to the membership in the coming weeks. If the AALL membership votes to adopt the new antidiscrimination language, Chapters will need to review their bylaws and make any necessary changes.

AALL'S New UELMA Resolution

The AALL Executive Board also approved a new formal Resolution on UELMA at the November meeting. AALL will be using the resolution in our advocacy efforts on UELMA, and Chapters are encouraged to do the same. Emily Feltren and Elizabeth Holland at the AALL Government Relations Office are happy to work with any Chapter interested in adopting the resolution.


Please remind your members to vote in the 2013 AALL Executive Board election. Balloting closes at 11:59 pm on December 2 and every vote counts. AALL is only as strong as its member’s participation. The election can be found at To access the ballot, please log in with your email address and your unique voting PIN, which was emailed to you November 1. Please note this PIN does NOT replace your AALLNET password. Your unique voting PIN can only be used to vote in this election.

Chapters Meetings and Events for 2014 Annual Meeting

If your Chapter is planning to hold a meeting or an event during the 2014 Annual Meeting, your deadline for submitting the scheduling form is just around the corner on December 5! The form and additional information can be found on AALLNET here.

Chapter Summit Planning

Plans for a Chapter Summit were announced at the 2013 Chapter Council Meeting in Seattle. The Chapter Summit will be held in conjunction with the AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio July 2014. The Planning Committee, chaired by Holly Riccio, AALL Vice-President, has begun work on Summit activities. I know that several chapters set aside funds to cover expenses for the president and vice-president to attend the annual leadership training. This Summit will not take the place of the leadership training, which is held the Saturday before the annual meeting. Chapter leaders may also want to consider setting aside additional funds in 2014 to help cover expenses to attend the Chapter Summit.   Look for announcements about the Chapter Summit in your email beginning in early 2014.

JoAnn Hounshell
Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents 2013-2014