Arthur Sydney Beardsley, 1889–1950

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Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

Executive Board, 1927–28, 1935–37
Chair, Committee on Education for Law Librarianship, 1935–36
Vice President, 1937–39
President, 1939–40
Chair, Advisory Committee on Education for Law Librarianship, 1943–44

Professional Honors and Awards

Elected Life Member of AALL, 1949
AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class (Pioneer), 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

“The Law School Library—A Library of Research for Lawyer, Layman, and Legislator,” Law Library Journal 18 (1925): 93–95.

"A Selected Bibliography of Legal and Other Materials Relating to the National Industrial Recovery Act,” 27 Law Library Journal 27 (1934): 15–30.
"Law Books and Law Publishers,” Law Library Journal 28 (1935): 51–63.
Bibliography of Selected Materials Relating to the Legislation of the New Deal. Seattle: University Book Store, 1935 ( with Oscar C. Orman).
"Education for Law Librarianship,” Bulletin of the American Library Association 30 (1936): 168–77.
“Code Making in Early Oregon,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 27 (1936): 30–61.
Legal Bibliography and the Use of Law Books. Chicago: Foundation Press, 1937.
Compiling the Territorial Codes of Washington. Seattle: Univ. of Washington Press,1937. (Reprinted from 28 Pacific Northwest Quarterly28 (1937): 53–107.)
The Codes and Code Makers of Washington, 1889–1937. Seattle: Univ. of Washington Press, 1939. (Reprinted from 30 Pacific Northwest Quarterly 30 (1939): 49–99.)
Constitution of the State of Washington. Olympia, Wash.: State Printing Office, 1939. (Also editions published 1941, 1943, and 1951.)
Controversies Over the Location of the Seat of Government in Washington,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 32 (1941): 239–87, 401–47.
“University of Washington Law Library Attains 100,000 Volume Mark,” Law Library Journal 37 (1944): 51–63.
Legal Bibliography and the Use of Law Books. 2d ed. Brooklyn: Foundation Press, 1947 (with Oscar C. Orman).

Selected Publications about the Inductee

[Memorial to] Arthur Sydney Beardsley, 1889–1950,” Law Library Journal 44 (1951): 42–44. [includes bibliography of his writings and publications]
Johnston, George A. “Our Predecessors and Their Achievements,” Law Library Journal 49 (1956): 138, 145 (profile of Beardsley).
Vogel, Carissa J. “Rediscovering Dr. Arthur S. Beardsley: A Brief Introduction to His Life and Work,”  Legal Reference Services Quarterly 27 (2008): 347–62.

Professional Positions

High School teacher, State of Washington, 1911–15
Librarian, Camp Lewis, Washington, 1919–22
Librarian, Puget Sound Navy Yard, Washington, 1918–19
Law Librarian, University of Washington, 1922–25
Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law, University of Washington, 1925–32
Librarian and Associate Professor of Law, University of Washington, 1932–37
Librarian and Professor of Law, University of Washington, 1937–44
Practicing Attorney, Seattle, WA 1944–50


Graduate, Ellensburg Normal School, Ellensburg, WA
LL.B., University of Washington, 1918
B.S. (Library Science), University of Washington, 1924
A.M., University of Washington, 1925
Ph.D., University of Washington, 1928

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

Admitted to the Practice of Law, Washington, 1918
Member, AALS Library Problems Round Table Council, 1934, 1936
Established first formal academic degree program to train lawyers to become law librarians, University of Washington, 1939