Harry S. Bitner, 1916–2001

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Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

President, Law Library Association of Greater New York, 1952–53
Executive Board, 1953–56
Chair, Placement Committee, 1958–61
President-Elect, 1962–63
President, 1963–64
Chair, Headquarters Operation Committee, 1965–66, 1967–69
Chair, Constitution and By-Laws Committee, 1974–75

Professional Honors and Awards

Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award, 1971
Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award, 1989
AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee, 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

“Inexpensive Justice: The English Experience,” University of Kansas City Law Review 11 (1942–43): 87–108.
“The Educational Background of the University’s Law Librarian,” Law Library Journal 40 (1947): 49–61.
Effective Legal Research: A Practical Manual of Law Books and Their Use. Boston: Little, Brown, 1953 (with Miles O. Price).
“The Libraries of the Department of Justice,” Law Library Journal 50 (1957): 112–19.
Effective Legal Research. Student ed., rev. Boston: Little, Brown, 1962 (with Miles O. Price).
Law Books Recommended for Libraries, editor, 10 vols. South Hackensack, N.J.: Fred B. Rothman, 1967–74.
Effective Legal Research. 3d ed. Boston: Little, Brown, 1969 (with Miles O. Price).
“Miles O. Price—Teacher and Friend,” Law Library Journal 62 (1969): 9–10.
Effective Legal Research. 4th ed. Boston: Little, Brown, 1979 (with Miles O. Price and Shirley R. Bysiewicz).

Selected Publications about the Inductee

Claire M. Germain, “Remembering Harry Bitner: Law Librarian, Professor, and Wonderful Colleague,” Law Library Journal 94 (2002): 188–92.
Morris L. Cohen, “Harry Bitner: A Memorial,” Law Library Journal 94 (2002): 193–95.
“Remembrances of Harry Bitner,” Law Library Journal 94 (2002): 196–205.
Crystal Hackett, “Bibliography of Harry Bitner,” Law Library Journal 94 (2002): 206–08.
Julia Vinson, “Fostering the Profession of Law: The Lifetime Achievements of Harry Bitner,” Legal Reference Services Quarterly 29 (2010): 85–100.
Professional Positions

Law Librarian, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1939–42
Instructor in Law, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1942–43
Reference Law Librarian, University of Pennsylvania, 1946
Associate Law Librarian, Columbia University, 1946–54, 1978–81
Librarian, United States Department of Justice, 1954–57
Law Librarian, Yale University, 1957–65
Law Librarian and Professor of Law, Cornell University, 1965–75
Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, 1976–2001
Director of Bibliographical Services, Fred B. Rothman & Co., 1976–77
Legal Bibliographer, Columbia University, 1978–81


J.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1939
B.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1941
B.S.L.S., University of Illinois, 1942

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside law librarianship)

Director, Library Studies Project, Association of American Law Schools, 1967–?