Gilson Gardner Glasier, 1873–1972

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Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

Charter Member, July 1906
Managing Editor, Index to Legal Periodicals and Law Library Journal, 1908–10
Executive Board, 1909–12, 1916–17, 1944–45
Chair, Committee on Amendment of Constitution of AALL, 1919–20
President, 1921–22
Chair, Committee on Publication of Law Books, 1922–23
Chair, Committee on Joint Banquet with National Association of State Libraries, 1928–29
Chair, Committee on New Members, 1934–35
Chair, Nominating Committee, 1938–39, 1946–47
Chair, Committee on Cooperation with the American Bar Association, 1938–39
Chair, Committee on Cooperation with the American Bar Association, 1939–40
Chair, Committee on Law Reporting and Duplication of Law Books, 1939–40
Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, 1941–42
Chair, Committee on Memorials, 1954–55

Professional Honors and Awards

Honored for his 50 years of faithful public service to state by Wisconsin Legislature (Senate Joint Resolution No. 61), April 20, 1955
Special Honors at Fiftieth Anniversary of AALL, Philadelphia 1956
Elected Life Member of AALL, 1957
Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee (Pioneer), 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

"Cataloging Law Books, with Special Reference to Cooperative Indexing and Index Cards,” Law Library Journal 1 (1908): 50–55.
A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, editor. Chicago: Callaghan, 1909–20.
Autobiography of Roujet D. Marshall, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin, 1895–1918, editor. Madison, WI.: Democrat Printing Co., 1923–31.
“The Work of the American Law Institute and What it Means to the Law Librarian,” Law Library Journal 18 (1925): 96–108.
Bulletin of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin, editor, 1927–48.
“Early American Periodicals,” American Bar Association Journal 28 (1942): 615–17.
“Beginnings of the American Association of Law Libraries,” Law Library Journal 43 (1950): 147–58.
"History of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Founders and the Early Years, 1906–1929,” Law Library Journal 49 (1956): 82–104.
“State Law Library,” Wisconsin Bar Bulletin 29 (1956): 6.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

Laurie H. Riggs, “Who’s Who in Law Libraries: Gilson G. Glasier,” Law Library Journal 45 (1952): 162–63.
Charlotte C. Dennebacke, “Membership News: Gilson G. Glasier,” Law Library Journal 48 (1955): 249.

Professional Positions

Private Secretary to Justice R. D. Marshall of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, 1896–1904
Practicing Lawyer, Milwaukee, 1904 –05
Librarian, Wisconsin State Law Library, 1905 –55


Student, Literature [pre-law], University of Wisconsin, 1896–97
LL.B., University of Wisconsin, 1900

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

Admitted to the Practice of Law, Wisconsin, 1900 (?)
Secretary-Treasurer, Wisconsin State Bar Association, 1927–48
Secretary, Wisconsin State Bar Association, 1948–55 (?)
Life Member, Wisconsin State Bar Association, 1956(?)–72.