Miles Oscar Price, 1890–1968

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Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

Chair, Special Advisory Committee on Education for Law Librarianship, 1937–39
Charter Member, Law Library Association of Greater New York, 1938
Chair, Committee on Microfilm Survey for Committee on Scientific Aids to Learning, 1939–41
Chair, Advisory Committee on Education for Law Librarianship—Editorial Board on Monographs, 1940–42
AALL Executive Board, 1942–43
Chair, Advisory Committee on Education for Law Librarianship, 1942–43
Chair, Committee on Index to Legal Periodicals, 1942–45, 1946–47
Chair, Committee on Cooperation with Latin-American Law Libraries, 1942–43
AALL President-Elect, 1944–45
AALL President, 1945–46
Chair, Committee on Major Library Positions, 1947–48
Chair, Committee on Education and Placement, 1948–49, 1950–55
Chair, Program Committee, AALL Institute, 1952–53
Director, 1st Annual AALL Law Librarians’ Institute, 1953
Chair, Nominations Committee, 1958–59

Professional Honors and Awards

Special Citation for Outstanding Contributions and Dedicated Service to the Profession and to AALL, 1959
AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee, 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

“Government Documents for the Law Library,” Law Library Journal 28 (1935): 67–76.

Subject Headings in American and English Law Used in the Dictionary Catalog of the Columbia University Law Library.  New York: School of Library Service, Columbia University, 1939.
“Patent Searching, with Special Reference to Chemical Patents,” Special Libraries 31 (1940): 118–28.
“A Catalog for the Small Law Library,” Law Library Journal 34 (1941): 1–8.
“Legislative Reference Service in a Law School Library,” Special Libraries 32 (1941): 302–04, 314.
“Notes of a Law Book Scout in South America,” Law Library Journal 35 (1942): 95–99.
"A Catalog for a Law Library of 15,000 Volumes. New York: School of Library Service, Columbia University, 1942 (with Elsie Basset & Jean Marie Christmas).
“Noting Up British Statutes and Cases,” Law Library Journal 40 (1947): 251–70.
“Citation Books for United States Treaties,” Law Library Journal 41 (1948): 347–64.
“The Law School Librarian,” Journal of Legal Education 1 (1948): 268–72.
“Bibliographical Notes on United States Patent, Trade-Mark, and Copyright Law,” Law Library Journal 42 (1949): 47–59.
A Practical Manual of Standard Legal Citations: Rules, Rationale and Examples of Citations to Authority for Lawyers, Law Students, Teachers and Research Workers. New York: Oceana, 1950. [also 2d ed., 1958].
“Selection and Training of Law Catalogers,” Law Library Journal 45 (1952): 296–302.
Effective Legal Research: A Practical Manual of Law Books and Their Use. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1953 (with Harry S. Bitner).
"Legal Education During the Past Fifty Years as Reflected in the Changing Character of Law Library Acquisitions,” University of Florida Law Review 6 (1953): 221–30.
“Institutes from the Point of View of a Director,” Law Library Journal 49 (1956): 168–74.
“The Law School Librarian’s Educational Qualifications: A Statistical Study,” Journal of Legal Education 10 (1957): 222–24.
“The Place of the Law School Library in Library Administration,” Journal of Legal Education 13 (1960): 230–38.
“The Place of the Law School Library in Library Administration,” College and Research Libraries 21 (Jan. 1960): 13–19.
“Photocopying by Libraries and Copyright: A Precis,” Library Trends (Jan. 1960): 432–47.
“Columbia University’s Law Library Course,” Law Library Journal 55 (1962): 220–24.
Effective Legal Research. Student ed. rev. Boston: Little, Brown, 1962 (with Harry S. Bitner). [also 3d ed., 1969]
“Law Library Basic Book List,” Law Library Journal 57 (1964): 320–22.
“Constructing the Class K Schedules for American Federal Law,” Law Library Journal 57 (1964): 366–75.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

"[Dedication to] Miles Oscar Price, 1890–1968,” Law Library Journal 62 (1969): 2–24.
Includes: Arthur J. Ruffier, “Miles Oscar Price: A Bibliographical Sketch” (2–4); Meira G. Pimsleur, “Miles O. Price, Law Librarian, Columbia University” (5–8); Harry Bitner, “Miles O. Price—Teacher and Friend” (9–10); Marian G. Gallagher, “Miles Oscar Price—The Journal Record” (11–14); Ervin H. Pollack, “Miles Oscar Price” (15–16); Morris L. Cohen, “Miles O. Price and Education for Law Librarianship” (17–20); Mary W. Oliver & Lucile M. Elliott, “Miles O. Price” (21–22); Frances Farmer, “Miles Price as Teacher” (23); J. Myron Jacobstein, “Miles O. Price” (24).
J. Myron Jacobstein, “The Dean of Librarians [Miles O. Price],” in Frank G. Houdek, comp., “Meet My Mentor”: A Collection of Personal Reminiscences,” Law Library Journal 91 (1999): 177, 227–28.

Professional Positions

Division Chief, University of Chicago Libraries, 1910–14
Division Chief, University of Illinois Libraries, 1914–22
Librarian, Scientific Library, U.S. Patent Office, 1922–29
Librarian, Columbia University School of Law, 1929–56
Librarian and Professor of Law, Columbia University School of Law, 1956–61
Librarian and Professor Emeritus, Columbia University School of Law, 1961–68
Consultant, Duke University School of Law, 1961–62
Consultant, Class K Project, Library of Congress, 1962–64
Director, Libraries Study Project, Association of American Law Schools, 1964–66


S.B., University of Chicago, 1914
B.L.S., University of Illinois, 1922
LL.B., Columbia University, 1938
LL.D., Temple University, 1954 (Honorary Degree)

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

Member, American Library Association Council, 1924–25, 1933–37
President, District of Columbia Library Association, 1924–25
Member, Executive Board, Special Libraries Association, 1930–31
Admitted to the Practice of Law, New York, 1940