William B. Stern, 1910-1972

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Hall of Fame Induction: 2010

Significant AALL Service

Chair, Committee on Cooperation with Latin-American Law Libraries, 1947–48, 1949–50
Chair, Committee on Foreign Law, 1950–54, 1956–57
Chair, Committee on Local Arrangements, 1952–53
Editor, Law Library Journal, 1953–54
Chair, Committee on Law Library Journal, 1954–58
William B. Stern Chair, Committee on the Budget, 1955–56
AALL Executive Board, 1955–58
Chair, Committee on Foreign Law Indexing, 1959–68
President, Southern California Association of Law Libraries, 1960–62
Chair, Program Committee, Annual Meeting, 1965–66
Chair, Foreign Law Indexing Committee, 1968–69
AALL President-Elect, 1968–69
AALL President, 1969–70
AALL Immediate Past President, 1970–71
Chair, Liaison with the Library of Congress Committee, 1970–71

Professional Honors and Awards

AALL Hall of Fame, Inaugural Class Inductee, 2010

Selected Publications by the Inductee

“The Treaty Background of the Italo-Ethiopian Dispute,” American Journal of International Law 30 (1936): 189–203.
Exterior Treason’—A Study in Comparative Criminal Law,” University of Chicago Law Review 6 (1938): 77–91 (with John N. Hazard).
“Canadian Court Rules,” Law Library Journal 33 (1940): 137–39.
“The Influence of Foreign Law on American Law,” Law Library Journal 33 (1940): 194–205.
“Mexican Marriages and Divorces,” Journal of the State Bar of California 20 (Mar.-Apr. 1945): 53–58.
“Latin American Law Books in Anglo American Law Libraries,” Law Library Journal 38 (1945): 4–11.
“Marriages by Proxy in Mexico,” Southern California Law Review 19 (1945): 109–16.
“Foreign Law Books in American Law Libraries,” Law Library Journal 40 (1947): 158–68.
“Income of Attorneys in Los Angeles,” Los Angeles Bar Bulletin 25 (1950): 195–202 (with Edward S. Feldman).
"A Bibliography of Books and Articles on Mohammedan Law in the English Language,” Law Library Journal 43 (1950): 16–21.
“History of Law Library Cataloging,” Law Library Journal 43 (1950): 272–78.
“Law Books for the Blind,” Law Library Journal 48 (1955): 150–54 (with Joseph L. Andrews).
“Practical Aspects of Classification,” Law Library Journal 49 (1956): 449–53.
“Foreign Law in the Courts: Judicial Notice and Proof,” California Law Review 45 (1957): 23–49.
“Foreign Legal Periodicals,” Journal of the State Bar of California 35 (1960): 743–49.
“Mexican Divorces—The Mexican Law,” Practical Lawyer 7 (May 1961): 78–85.
“Worldwide Responsibilities of American Law Librarians,” Law Library Journal 54 (1961): 139–44.
Comparative Law: The History of the Language Problem and the Use of Generic Terms,” Law Library Journal 55 (1962): 300–310.
The Law in the United States of America: A Selected Bibliographic Guide. New York: New York University Press, 1965. (With Joseph L. Andrews, Arthur A. Charpentier, and Julius J. Marke).
“International Judicial Assistance, Part I: Service and Discovery Abroad,” Practical Lawyer 14 (December 1968): 17–32.
“Class K—Law: Do We Need a Catalog?” Law Library Journal 61 (1968): 237–41.
“International Judicial Assistance, Part II: Depositions under Letters Rogatory,” Practical Lawyer 15 (Jan. 1969): 55–66.
Soviet Russian Legal Periodicals: Current or Presumed to be Current Holdings of Selected American Libraries,” Law Library Journal 62 (1969): 40–46.
“The Accessibility of Legal Developments through the Legal Periodical Literature,” Law Library Journal 63 (1970): 83–91.

Selected Publications about the Inductee

Forrest S. Drummond, “In Memory of William B. Stern,” Law Library Journal 65 (1972): 471.

Professional Positions

Cataloger, University of Chicago Law Library, 1937–39
Foreign Law Librarian and Head Cataloger, Los Angeles County Law Library, 1939–45
Foreign Law Librarian, Los Angeles County Law Library, 1945–71


Doctor Juris Utriusque, University of Würzburg, 1933

Selected Professional Activities & Achievements (outside AALL)

Secretary, International Association of Law Libraries, 1959–62
President, International Association of Law Libraries, 1962–65
Member, Commission de bibliothèque, Association Internationale pour l’Enseignement dur Droit Comparé, 1962–70
Member, Board of Directors, International Association of Law Libraries, 1965–68