1999 AALL Presidential Certificates of Appreciation

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Presented in Washington D.C.
At the 92nd Annual Meeting
Jim Heller, President

Hazel Johnson, Law Library Services Consultant

  • For spearheading a public relations campaign that indeed helped make this meeting, our ninety-second, the highest attended in our history.

Mark Folmsbee, Associate Director and Head of Public Services, Washburn University of Topeka School of Law Library

  • For his tireless work facilitating electronic communication among our members by maintaining various web sites.

Marcia Koslov, State Law Librarian, Wisconsin State Law Library

  • For her work on the Steering Committee for the ABA National Conference on Public Trust and Confidence in the Judicial System that I want to highlight. Marcia arranged to have fifteen law librarians serve as reporters for that important conference, which was attend by five hundred leaders from state and federal courts, the bar, the media, and various citizens groups.

Carol Billings, Director of the Law Library, Law Library of Louisiana

  • For her successful grant to the State Justice Institute that enabled nearly twenty judges, court administrators, and leaders of judicial organizations to attend this conference.

Minnesota Association of Law Libraries

  • For supporting the inauguration of the Chapter VIP Program, an alliance between AALL and its chapters designed to bring to our meetings influential individuals from government, from legal and information associations, from academia, and from the private sector. The Minnesota Association of Law Libraries, a modest-sized chapter with a Midwestern can-do spirit, sponsored four VIPs to join us here in Washington.

Nolo Press

  • For challenging the Texas Unauthorized Practice recognize the folks who had the courage, and the business motivation of course, to take on the Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, which attempted to ban the sale and use of so-called self-help legal materials. Nolo Press invited AALL to be a named plaintiff for a lawsuit, an invitation the Executive Board could not turn down.

Mary Alice Baish, AALL Associate Washington Affairs Representative
Bob Oakley, AALL Washington Affairs Representative

  • For their importance to law librarians and anyone who uses legal information and information produced at public expense; and for their tireless work on behalf of public access to information.