2008 AALL Presidential Certificates of Appreciation

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Presented in Portland, OR
at the 101st Annual Meeting
Ann T. Fessenden, President

Steven P. Anderson

  • For his leadership of the Executive Board Vendor Strategies Working Group, and his dedication to finding and implementing creative new approaches to AALL's vendor relations

Mary Alice Baish
AALL Acting Washington Affairs Representative

  • For her exemplary service in maintaining a full range of AALL advocacy activities despite a sudden vacancy in the Washington Affairs Representative position, and her continuing commitment to AALL's advocacy efforts

Karl T. Gruben

  • For his leadership in guiding the Special Committee on Committee Structure to complete the first major review of AALL committees in 20 years

Sarah G. Holterhoff

  • For guiding AALL to a national leadership role in promoting the importance of authentication of electronic legal information, and for her complete and continuing dedication to the profession

Jacquelyn J. Jurkins

  • For her steadfast and enduring dedication to AALL and the profession, and in recognition of her outstanding career as Multnomah Law Librarian

Christopher Orange, AALL Mail Room Assistant/List Manager

  • For his 15 years of dedicated service to AALL and its members

Betty Roeske

  • For her leadership of the Price Index Committee in a particularly challenging year, and her persistence in successfully producing the latest Price Index

Tracy L. Thompson

  • For her dedicated leadership of the Committee on Relations With Information Vendors, and her contributions to the Executive Board's vendor relations initiatives

William S. Hein Co.

  • For providing access to AALL publications to our members through HeinOnline, and for its long-term support of the profession, development of quality legal research products, and commitment to customer service