2011 Scholarship Recipients

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Contributions to the AALL Scholarship Program enable AALL members to continue their law and library education. Contributions are an investment in the long-term development of qualified individuals and the growth of the profession of law librarianship. Scholarships are awarded in June of each year and the recipients are announced at the AALL Annual Meeting in July.

2010-11 Scholarships Committee
Johanna C. Bizub, Chair
Sarah K. Wiant, Vice Chair
Donna S. Williams, Board Liaison
Hannah Phelps, Staff Liaison
Jennifer Duperon
Judith A. Gaskell
Rhonda K. Lawrence
Terry Long
Gretchen Van Dam

Recipients of the LexisNexis® /John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship:
Library Degree for Law School Graduates
Andrea M. Alexander, Northville, Michigan
Michael McArthur, Lincoln, Nebraska
Jeff McGowan, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ellen Richardson, Durham, New Hampshire

Law Degree for Library School Graduates
None Awarded

Dual Library Degree and Law Degree
Kathryn Crandall, Tallahassee, Florida

Recipients of the AALL & Thomson West/George A. Strait Minority Scholarship:

Donyele Darrough, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Domonique Roberts, Culver City, California

Recipients of the Marcia J. Koslov Scholarship:
Janine Liebert, Los Angeles, California

Recipients of  Scholarships Funded by AALL:
Library School for those with JDs
Andrea M. Alexander, Northville, Michigan

Library School for those without JDs
None Awarded

Law School for those with MLS/MLIS
None Awarded

Law School for those seeking a Dual JD/MLIS Degree
None Awarded

Library School Graduates Seeking a Non-Law Degree
None Awarded

Continuing Education Classes
Donna M. Fisher, St. Louis, Missouri
Katherine (Kasia) Solon, Austin, Texas