AALL Digital White Paper / Defining ROI: Law Library Best Practices

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Building on AALL’s 2015 The Economic Value of Law Libraries report, the white paper provides proven strategies and solutions for demonstrating value and return on investment (ROI) for libraries. 

The legal market demands that legal information professionals identify, measure, and communicate the benchmarks and metrics of value. Contributors from across the AALL community have mined their own experiences to share their measures for success, creating engaging and practical guides for defining ROI. The articles draw from renowned historical sources such as the Five Laws of Library Science by S. R. Ranganathan and also highlight the contemporary knowledge of Don Draper, the iconic fictional ’60s ad man from the TV show Mad Men. These varied approaches to this topic are illustrative of the myriad of ways to demonstrate value. The goal of the white paper is to spark creativity and innovation for measuring value within the profession.

AALL acknowledges Fastcase, a provider of next-generation legal research, for its generous support in the production of the white paper. If you have any questions or comments about this white paper, please contact AALL's Publications Manager, Heather Haemker