Salary Survey

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As legal information professionals’ roles and work environments have changed over the years, it has become increasingly important to provide useful information for budgeting and salary negotiations. AALL has conducted the AALL Biennial Salary Survey & Organizational Characteristics (AALL Salary Survey) since 1993 to provide comparable and comprehensive salary information for legal information professionals who work in law school, law firm/corporate, and government law libraries.

The AALL Salary Survey is the only source of comprehensive, comparative salary information for legal information professionals. It provides salary data for 25 law library positions broken out by many different characteristics, including location, number of people supervised, education, and years of experience. Additional breakouts specific to each library type are also included. 


The AALL Salary Survey is available online or in hardcopy format. 

The digital edition is a member-only benefit.

The hardcopy edition can be purchased by contacting

Hardcopy Pricing

2017 AALL Salary Survey
Publication Date: November 20, 2017
$130.00 Members & $250.00 Non-Members
Order by contacting:

 2015 AALL Salary Survey
$110.00 Members & $175.00 Non-Members

2013 AALL Salary Survey
$95.00 Members & $150.00 Non-Members

2011 AALL Salary Survey
$85.00 Members & $125.00 Non-Members

2009 AALL Salary Survey
$75.00 Members & $100.00 Non-Members

To place orders, or for more information, please contact AALL at 312.939.4764 or via email.

The complete 1997 AALL Salary Survey is now out of print. A report of selected findings, derived from non-salary-related data collected in the 1997 survey, is available online free of charge.