AALL MARBI Representative

2009 Revision

The MARBI Representative is appointed by the AALL Vice-President with the advice of the OBS-SIS and TS-SIS Chairs. The term is three years and may be repeated only once.

  • Attends twice yearly meetings of the U.S. MARC Standards Committee, which occur during American Library Association meetings in January and June.
  • Represents the interests of law librarians at these meetings as a non-voting liaison to the committee. Solicits advice from other AALL members, as appropriate.
  • Reports on MARC developments to AALL members through annual reports presented at OBS-SIS and TS-SIS meetings; annual reports submitted to Law Library Journal; annual reports published in TSLL; and articles on topics of interest published in the MARC Remarks Column in TSLL.
  • Adheres to the policies and procedures set forth in the AALL Handbook for Representatives.