Calendar of Activities

2009 Revision

  • “Leadership Training” Workshop (incoming chair and vice-chair) — Saturday before AALL Annual Meeting.
  • CONELL Marketplace — Saturday morning (current chair represents OBS-SIS) — Saturday morning.
  • SIS Council Meeting (outgoing chair required to attend; incoming chair may attend) — Saturday afternoon.
  • OBS-SIS Executive Board (outgoing Committee meets on Saturday; incoming Committee on Tuesday)
  • OBS-SIS General Business Meeting — (presided over by chair, passing gavel to incoming chair at close of meeting) — usually Monday.
  • AALL Activities Area (coordinated by second year member-at-large) — OBS-SIS displays its publications, newsletter, member brochures, etc.
  • Alphabet Reception (coordinated by TS assisted by OBS-SIS first year member-at-large) — Saturday evening.
  • TSLL columns due for publication in September issue:
    • Committee chairs report on their meetings at AALL Annual Meeting
    • New OBS-SIS chair writes “Letter from the Chair” column
    • Secretary/Treasurer submits minutes of OBS-SIS business meeting
  • Annual report for OBS-SIS due (prepared by immediate past chair)
    • Program/Workshop proposals for next AALL Annual Meeting due to AMPC.
  • OBS-SIS Chair appoints a Nominating Committee.
  • OBS-SIS Chair submits preliminary scheduling OBS-SIS business, committee and roundtable meetings and other informal programming through the SIS Matrix, after consulting with TS-SIS Chair about meeting times.
  • Nominating Committee should begin work in early October. Slate should be completed by February for inclusion in the March “From the Chair” column in TSLL.
  • OBS-SIS chair submits scheduling forms for OBS-SIS related meetings at next AALL Annual Meeting; scheduling forms due to AALL HQ by November 1.
  • AALL Annual Meeting scheduling forms due to AALL HQ.
  • TSLL columns due for December issue (chair).
  • OBS-SIS Chair appoints facilitator(s) to lead Discussion Groups or Roundtables at the next Annual Meeting, as needed.
  • Nominating Committee has candidates send letters of acceptance to OBS-SIS Chair, and submit their biographical statements to Secretary/Treasurer.
  • OBS-SIS Vice-Chair prepares the annual “Membership Survey” and distributes notification to members (generally with a one month deadline). Vice-chair needs early feedback, especially for education program ideas and committee appointments.
  • OBS-SIS vice-chair becomes OBS-SIS Education Committee chair to prepare for the following AALL Annual Meeting.
  • TSLL columns due for March issue.
  • OBS-SIS chair includes slate of candidates in March “From the Chair” column in TSLL.
  • OBS-SIS secretary treasurer posts the slate of candidates to the OBS discussion list and sends it to the OBS-SIS webmaster for posting.
  • OBS-SIS vice-chair compiles results of the membership survey.
  • OBS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer may receive petitions for further nominations up to March 23.
  • OBS-SIS secretary/treasurer creates online election as per the instructions from AALL Election should be completed with ballots due by May 1.
  • Election of officers should start April 1.
  • Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall Activities Area (table) reservation form due to AALL by April 15, authorizing pre-entry for both Members at large and Chair.
  • Suggestions of candidates for AALL offices due to AALL Nominations Committee by 15th of the month, or as otherwise directed
  • TSLL Columns due for June issue.
  • OBS-SIS Vice-Chair sends Committee appointment letters to selected OBS-SIS members.
  • Completed OBS-SIS ballots are counted by the election software and elections results reported to the OBS-SIS Chair.
    • OBS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer calls the candidates to notify them of the results
    • OBS-SIS Chair reports results to AALL Headquarters, SIS Council Chair, TSLL editor, and posts on OBS-SIS discussion list.
  • OBS-SIS chair appoints necessary committee chairs to serve beginning after appropriate committee meeting during AALL Annual Meeting.
  • OBS-SIS vice-chair sends committee appointment letters to selected OBS-SIS members to serve beginning after AALL Annual Meeting.
  • OBS-SIS Vice-Chair appoints a new representative to TSLL Advisory Board, to begin a two-year term in July.
  • OBS-SIS Education Committee gets program proposals ready for final discussion at AALL Annual Meeting.
  • OBS-SIS Chair sends letters of appreciation to Executive Committee members and committee chairs when their terms end.
  • Two weeks prior to AALL, OBS-SIS Chair sends letter of introduction to all CONELL Registrants asking to meet them at the CONELL Marketplace.