Discussion Groups

2009 Revision

  • Informal discussion groups may be formed to meet under the auspices of the Section during the AALL Annual Meeting, provided that at least five (5) OBS-SIS members request it and the OBS-SIS Chair approves it.
  • Unlike the standing committees, these discussion groups generally will not work on projects during the year, nor will any members be appointed to the group, although the OBS-SIS Chair does seek a volunteer to serve as “facilitator” to help lead the discussion.
  • The Groups are encouraged to summarize their discussion for a report to be published in the September “convention issue” of TSLL.
  • In 1995, OBS-SIS had one active discussion group, the Research Roundtable, which is a discussion group formed jointly with the Technical Services SIS. The Reference Roundtable met for several years but was disbanded in 1995.