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January 2019

Immigration Legal Resource Center

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center  (ILRC) was founded in 1979 by law professor Bill Ong Hing  to help immigration law professionals and advocates develop their expertise, educate immigrant communities to advocate for themselves, and shape immigration law and policy.  ILRC also provides legal training, technical assistance, policy updates, and educational materials to attorneys, nonprofit organizations, public defenders, and other immigration advocates, and engages in advocacy and civic engagement efforts designed to advance immigrant rights. The organization’s areas of expertise include asylum, citizenship and naturalization, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA ), enforcement, family-based applications for permanent residency, and removal defense for those facing deportation.

Currently ILRC is working on the projects and initiatives include CitizenshipWorks, a collaboration with the Immigration Advocates network and Pro Bono Net that helps immigrants apply for citizenship; the Defending Immigrants Partnership, which works with public defender offices and criminal defense organizations on behalf of non-citizens facing criminal charges; and the New Americans Campaign, a national network of legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, foundations, and community leaders. In addition, through its Technical assistance program, ILRC offers expert legal assistance to legal professionals assisting immigrant clients, while its community resources include know-your-rights” Red Cards” designed to help individuals defend themselves against unconstitutional actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


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