PEGA-SIS Committees


Charge: A Writers’ Network (i.e., the Beer & Edits Committee) facilitates scholarly networking by connecting writers and readers/editors. The Committee also advertises publishing opportunities of interest to legal information professionals.

Responsibilities: (1) Organizes a scholarly networking event each year at the AALL Annual Meeting. (2) Contributes an article for each issue of the PEGA-SIS Newsletter to advertise Beer & Edits events and publishing opportunities. (3) Investigates ways to connect writers and readers throughout the year.


Charge: The Bylaws Committee ensures that the PEGA-SIS bylaws are reviewed regularly and updated as needed to accurately reflect the goals and practices of the SIS.

Responsibilities: (1) Ensures the SIS Bylaws do not conflict with the AALL Bylaws. (2) Transmits newly created or amended bylaws to the AALL Bylaws and Resolutions Committee for review.


Charge: The Nominations Committee facilitates the annual election of PEGA-SIS officers.

Responsibilities: (1) Solicits nominations for PEGA officers from the membership. (2) Compiles and distributes information on each candidate to the PEGA-SIS Chair.


Charge: The Outreach & Publications Committee publicizes the work of PEGA-SIS and its committees, helping law librarians see how they can get involved. The Outreach & Publications Committee also highlights individual PEGA-SIS members’ engagement, growth, and advancement within the law library profession.

Responsibilities: (1) Publishes the PEGA-SIS Newsletter. (2) Creates a PEGA-SIS poster for the AALL Annual Meeting Activities Area. (3) Creates and publishes content on PEGA-SIS social media accounts. (4) Investigates additional outreach and publication opportunities that would benefit PEGA-SIS members.


Charge: The Programming & Education Committee produces educational content, including the “So, You Wanna…?” Live Interview Series. Time permitting, the committee may also provide feedback and suggestions for PEGA-SIS members’ programming proposals for upcoming conferences, workshops, and webinars.

Responsibilities: (1) Plans, organizes, and produces the “So, You Wanna…?” live interview series. (2) Investigates additional educational opportunities that would benefit PEGA-SIS members.


Charge: The Social Committee is charged with planning, organizing, and hosting social opportunities, including virtual events and in-person gatherings at the AALL Annual Meeting.

Responsibilities: Ideally, there should be two events per membership year, a virtual one in late Fall (October/November) and one in late Spring or Summer. The latter could be virtual (in May/June) or in-person in conjunction with the AALL Annual Meeting in July.