Grants Committee


This committee is responsible for coordinating the grant program for the PLLIP-SIS. The committee provides grants to PLLIP members to cover transportation costs or registration costs to the Annual Meeting or to other PLLIP or AALL sponsored events. These grants are available to PLLIP members.

The Committee develops the criteria used to award grants and makes the appropriate application forms available to PLLIP members. The Committee is also responsible for promoting the availability of the grants and the deadlines for application submissions.


Julie Pabarja, Chair
Christine Sellers Sullivan, Board Liaison
Alina Kelly
Hadas Livnat
Katy Marcy
Trisha Petitt
Laura Suttell
David Trudeau


2017 Summit & Annual Conference Grants: The PLLIP Grants Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 AALL Annual Meeting and Summit grants:

  • Winners of an Annual Meeting & Travel Grant include Jessica Fields, Kendal Bergman and Anne Lucke.
  • The PLLIP Summit Grant winners are: Irene Chang, Jessica Fields, Christine Sellers, and Jennifer Stephens.

2016 CONELL, Summit & Annual Conference Grants: PLLIP was pleased to award several grants to the 2016 PLLIP Summit, CONELL, and AALL Annual Meeting. Karen Oesterle and Elaine Knecht won Registration Grants to the Summit; Janelle Beitz, Sarah Morris, and Marcia Burris won AALL Annual Meeting registration and travel grants;  Michayla Sullivan won a registration grant to CONELL.