Intellectual Property Caucus


Formed in 1996, the PLLIP-SIS Intellectual Property Librarians’ group is a community of librarians who support IP practices or have an interest in patent, trademark and copyright issues. Since its founding, the Intellectual Property (IP) group has provided education, collaboration and networking opportunities for AALL members, from the most experienced IP researcher to the newer librarian.

With the emergence and consistent growth of IP as a focus for businesses and the law firms that support them, it remains vital for law firm librarians to stay in tune with the resources available to support those practices and to build a network of like-minded professionals who can share experiences and expertise. Law firm information professionals are not only tasked with managing the right combination of IP research resources for the firm, but also with arming our lawyers with knowledge of what may be used by clients, counsel and R&D departments. This delicate balance can only be maintained by leveraging our collective knowledge of the IP information landscape, by connecting and sharing with our peers.


LiMin Fields, Co-Chair
Courtney Keaton, Co-Chair
Janet McKinney, Board Liaison