Nominations Committee


The purpose of this Committee is to nominate two candidates for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and one of the elected Executive Committee Members. See Article V, Section 1 of Bylaws for full description of nomination process. The position descriptions for the leadership positions are available here.

The Committee consists of three members, one of whom shall be appointed chairperson by the PLLIP-SIS chairperson. The Committee will be selected by the PLLIP-SIS chairperson by September 15, approved by the Executive Committee, and serve one year.

The majority of this Committee’s work is done during the following months/periods:

  • September
  • September to November
  • November
  • December to January
  • February


Allison Reeve Davis, Chair
Juli Stahl, Board Liaison
Marcia Burris
Blythe McCoy
Christine Moua
Michelle Trovillo


You can find descriptions of the Board positions in the here. The Committee also retains a description of each position with a summary of the duties and the time commitment required, which can be sent upon request.

Please consider nominating yourself or someone else. Announcements of the Nominating process will be in the PLLIP My Community. If you have questions, the Co-Chairs will be happy to provide you with more information about running for the Board.