PLLIP Leadership Positions

Chair (1 year term)

  • Set agenda and work with others to carry out
  • Draft letter for first page of PLLIP newsletter
  • Serve on the Council of SIS Chairs
  • Work with Vice-Chair and past Chair on the AALL meeting matrix (time slots for programs)

Vice Chair/Chair Elect (1 year term)

  • Commit to full day of training at the AALL annual meeting, if possible
  • Support the Chair’s initiatives and carry out assignments
  • Attend meetings (in person or by phone)
  • Develop working relationships with PLLIP groups and committees
  • Work with Chair and past Chair on the AALL meeting matrix (time slots for programs)

Secretary (2 year term)

  • Organize and supervise the online election
  • Take minutes at all board meetings and business meetings
  • Handle any correspondence (minimal)

Treasurer (2 year term)

  • AALL maintains primary oversight responsibility for PLLIP funds; the primary responsibility is to review/confirm AALL’s documentation
  • Approve payment for PLLIP incidental expenses
  • Review all AALL postings of income and expenses pertaining to PLLIP funds
  • Reconcile Annual Meeting expenses with AALL’s reporting
  • Oversee PLLIP Grants
  • Oversee vendor contributions for PLLIP events
  • Provide the PLLIP Board with financial updates as requested.
  • Furnish PLLIP with an annual financial report.

Executive Board Member-at-Large

  • The Member-At-Large represents the interests of private law librarians of AALL membership and accepts duties as assigned by the Executive Committee and Chair.  Duties include:
  • To listen to membership and communicate their needs and special interests to the Board
  • To act in accordance with the Bylaws
  • To participate as a member of the Board; attend meetings as scheduled, both onsite (i.e., AALL) and via teleconferencing
  • To exercise voting rights on PLLIP affairs before the Board
  • To communicate with other Board members via email, telephone or mail as needed between meetings
  • To contribute skills and time to Board activities based on expertise and resources available
  • To conduct projects to further the goals of the association
  • To assist with conference and meeting planning as required
  • To work efficiently toward common objectives as a team member and uphold the purpose of PLLIP
  • To assist the Chair and Vice-Chair in other responsibilities as requested