Strategic Directions


With the expert guidance of Strategic Plan Committee Chair Martha Goldman, Steve Lastres and Linda-Jean Schneider with input from the Executive Board, revamped the current Strategic Directions document which covered the years 2011-2013. It was transformed into an extensive road map for the years 2012 through 2014. As Martha stated in her Annual Report to the Board:

The revised Strategic Directions incorporates six main goals: Advocacy, Communication, Community, Education, Leadership and Membership. Each goal has a number of targeted objectives. Action items for each objective describe the activities needed to accomplish the objective and denote individual or committee responsibility as well as projected dates for completion.

The Strategic Directions document is not static. Although many goals and objectives are ongoing, others may be revised next year as our realities and future directions evolve, new ones may be added or those that are no longer relevant will be deleted. We look to the PLL membership to craft the future of our SIS by using this document as our guide.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Martha was indeed our Guiding Light through this process. We look forward to sharing the plan with you and receiving your input at AALL in Boston, and beyond.

Best Regards,
PLL-SIS Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect

The full text of the new plan is available here.