2014 – 2018 Webinars


Technology Contracts: Tips for Uncovering and Negotiating the Devil in the Details

Presented on November 14, 2018. Negotiating technology contracts can be tricky! The importance of making sure the language, clauses, terms and of course price are amenable to all involved cannot be overemphasized. This Webinar featured a practicing attorney who is well versed in drafting technology contracts teamed with a seasoned law librarian experienced with negotiating tech contracts and a law library consultant who guided us in uncovering the “devil in the details” of contracts for online research services and provided negotiating tips and best practices to assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable decision on contract language and terms.

Jeff Kosc, Partner, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Diana Koppang, Director of Research & Competitive Intelligence
Kris Martin, Senior Director, HBR Consulting

Behind the Scenes with AALL’s BoK

Presented on September 21, 2018. What is AALL’s Body of Knowledge (BoK)? PLLIP members who served on the BoK Development Special Committee took us on a behind the scenes look into how BoK was created and how we can get the most out of it. Also, how we can use BoK as a resource when evaluating our skills and adopting it for professional development.

Philippe Cloutier, Global Communications Program Manager at Microsoft
Amy Eaton, Director of Library & Research Services Perkins Coie LLP
Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer at Jackson Walker LLP and AALL Past-President

Submitting PLLIP program ideas for AALL 2019

Presented on August 7, 2018.  Do you have a great program idea for the 2019 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference in DC but don’t know where to start? This webinar gave an inside look at the Annual Meeting Program Committee’s (AMPC) program proposal process from submitting must have topics on Idea Scale to how AMPC reviews the proposals and selects the programs for the annual meeting.

Speakers: Alina Kelly and Shari Berkowitz Duff

Deep Web, Dark Web, Dark Net? What Does It All Mean?

Presented on May 15, 2018. Michael McAndrews, Director of Network Security Services – WGM Associates, LLC, offers a hands-on demo of the Dark Web and some the better known Dark Net Markets. By providing a brief introduction into how people browse the web anonymously, Michael shows how everyone can access some of the most hidden places on the web. BUT BEWARE! Along with information on how to access these dark areas, Michael offers practical tips to say safe while removing the mystery regarding how criminals trade malware, drugs, guns and even your personal information for profit!

Transitions: A Life’s Journey

Presented on April 24, 2018. If there is one constant in life, it is change. We change daily, starting with daily physiological changes (nails grow, hair grows, cells generate and die off) to personal changes (changes in relationships, changes in where we live) to changes that effect many people (political changes, economic changes). We also change professionally. We call these changes transitions. Dictionary.com defines transition as “movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change.” This definition implies a discrete time of transition. The transition has a beginning, a middle, and an end as we move from an “as is” condition to a “to be” condition.

I would submit that we as professionals should be transitioning all the time. We should be taking our day-to-day experiences and using them to move us toward our next position, whatever that may be. I remember being told many years ago that one should start looking for one’s next job the day one starts a new job. There is truth and wisdom in this. Transitions are not something that we “do.” They are lived as part and parcel of the human experience.


Eugene Giudice – Moderator – Research Services Training Specialist, Dentons US LLP
Ruth Bridges – Avivia Travel Group – Owner and Founder
Gitelle Seer – Senior Librarian Consultant – HBR Consulting
Jocelyn Sagherian – Reference Librarian – Fordham University School of Law
Joanne C. Kiley – Senior Consultant – HBR Consulting


Membership Has Its Privileges – Is It Time to Join a Membership Law Library?

Presented on November 2, 2017, this webinar examines the return on investment of joining a membership law library. These libraries are partners with the information professionals in law firms and corporate legal departments and other organizations, and the attorneys who are their members providing a mix of access to print collections, research services, and electronic resources for the price of membership. MLLs have different membership models, level of service, and dues pricing structures. Presenting this program are the directors of two different kinds of MLLs, a library consultant, and a law firm librarian. WHO SHOULD ATTEND & LEARN OUTCOMES Legal information services managers and law firm administrators interested in cost effective tools and strategies to support the research needs of their organizations through strategic alliances with membership law libraries. They will also learn about the different MLL models and be better equipped to determine which type of MLL best fits their organization’s needs. Membership law library leaders seeking to provide innovative services to their members will learn how to present these services to their members. Attendees will learn about the different models of membership law libraries and the several reasons joining a MLL is a cost effective investment. Several use cases demonstrating the ROI and use of MLL resources will be presented. SPEAKERS Monice Kaczorowski, Vice President Library Strategy and Innovation, FEIT Consulting John Adkins, Director of Libraries, San Diego County Public Law Library Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, Executive Director, New York Law Institute Sarah Mauldin, Director of Library Services, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP.


You Ask, We Tell – Your CI Report Formatting Questions Answered was presented Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Stefanie Frame, Juli Hughes, and Liz Whittington, three seasoned CI professionals,address questions posed by Eve Searls about CI formatting, templates, subjects covered, and more from a newer CI professional. Participants are encouraged to ask the panel questions during the program. Panelists: Stefanie Frame, Research Services Manager, Foley & Lardner LLP, Los Angeles, CA Juli Hughes, Director, Library and Research Services, Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young LLP, Philadelphia, PA Liz Whittington, Legal & Business Research Analyst, K&L Gates LLP,Pittsburgh, PA Eve Searls, Research Attorney, Jackson Walker LLP, San Antonio, TX


Recording and handout from Mindfulness and the Law Firm Librarian, presented January 17, 2017 by Wendy Maines, Thomson Reuters Librarian Relations Manager.



Presented October 19, 2016


Lawmageddon 2015: The Disruption is Now!

Exciting new products and approaches to legal research are turning our industry on its head.  Once the domain of the major players, the way in which we conduct research is under siege from a host of new players.  Are the start-ups leveling the playing field?  What does this mean for us as law librarians and legal information professionals?  These are exciting times if you know how to stay ahead of the curve.  Noted bloggers, presenters, and law librarians Jean O’Grady (Dewey B. Strategic ) and John DiGilio (iBraryGuy / TILT) bring you a new a new vision of research services as they sets their sights on disruptive legal technologies.  Join us as we look at some of the hottest new and emerging players and discuss the ways in which they enhance what we do.  Do not let the revolution pass you by . . . become a part of it!

Lawmageddon 2015 Handout

This session was generously sponsored by Intelligize.


CI Deliverables

This is a one-hour recording of the CI Deliverables webinar presented November 13, 2014, by Emily Rushing Cunningham, Julie Hughes, and Mark Gediman. Kevin Miles moderated.

Emily Rushing Cunningham is the Manager of Competitive Intelligence at Haynes and Boone LLP.
Julie Hughes is the Library Director at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
Mark Gediman is Director of Information Services at Best Best & Krieger.
Kevin Miles is Librarian at Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP.

Collection Development In The Age Of The Virtual Law Firm Library

“Collection Development in the Age of the Virtual Law Firm Library” presented by Steve Lastres and moderated by Sarah Mauldin on September 30, 2014.

Profession in Transformation

Join the Financial Times for ‘A Profession in Transformation,’ featuring in-depth commentary on information services for strategic business decisions.  There will be a particular focus on the issues facing law librarians.

Tune into this webinar to hear these in-depth, interviews recounted, and matched against data collected from nearly 1,000 information professionals to uncover key expectation gabs between information providers and users.

We will explore the 5 habits of an added value law librarian:

  • Habit 1: Communicate your value
  • Habit 2: Understand the drivers
  • Habit 3: Efficiently manage the process
  • Habit 4: Keep up on your technical skills
  • Habit 5: Provide decision-ready information

The data, case studies, and interviews will converge to provide actionable insight on how information professionals will transition into client-centric, decision-enabling strategic arms of any type of organization.

To see slides from the webinar, please visit this link: Webinar – Profession in Transformation Slides.

If you would also like to download a complimentary copy of the full FT research report commissioned in association with SLA, please visit www.ft.com/SLA