2020 OBS/TS Virtual Summit

Finding the Silver Lining in System Migrations

Date: July 27, 2020
Speakers: Elizabeth Graham, University of Maryland; Karen Scoville, Arizona State University

BoK Domains: Information Management, Management + Business Acumen

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Library systems migrations have ramped up drastically as the rising cost of library materials and management lead many to switch with an eye towards the cost and staff savings. Even the smoothest of migrations have consequences that make it seem like there is no end in sight to the errors and issues.  Turning a library system on a dime and fitting it into a new paradigm is complicated, stressful, and can seem nearly impossible (and that is when it goes well!). Still, there can be a silver lining to system migration!  During this open, honest, (and possibly therapeutic) discussion, Karen Scoville of the Ross Blakley Law Library at Arizona State University and Liz Graham of the University Of Maryland Carey School Of Law will share their experiences and talk about the unique issues law libraries experience as they transition to a new platform.

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Update on Law Cataloging 101

Date: July 28, 2020
Speaker: Aaron Kuperman, Library of Congress

BoK Domains: Teaching + Training, Professionalism + Leadership At Every Level

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Within LC’s Law Cataloging Section, there has always been training specifically to meet the needs of the section.  In its current form, the video training is highly LC-Centric, and integrates descriptive, subject, and classification, unlike typical LC and PCC training, which focuses on single aspects in isolation.  It also includes enough discussion of substantive law and legal history so that a cataloger without a law degree will understand enough legalese to function professionally as a law cataloger. Aaron Kuperman, Acting Section Head of LC’s Law Cataloging Section, outlines the existing LC training so that the law cataloging community can consider if this already existent curriculum should be adopted for general use, and how.  This session will be of interest to those desiring to learn more about training opportunities for catalogers.

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