Compressing an Elephant: How We Shrunk Acquisitions and Collections Workflows by Developing Our Own Best Practices for Operational Excellence (E7)

Date/Time: Monday, July 16, 2018: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Speakers: Theodora Belniak, SUNY at Buffalo; Elisabeth Umpleby, UCONN School of Law; Lisa Scholl, SUNY at Buffalo

Shrinking budgets and staff are nothing new. Much of what we do each day in respect to acquisitions and collection management reflect workflows that were developed with more staff, more time, more money, and very different technology. Is it possible to dig into our current workflows and discover more time and more money?

Come to this session if you are interested in hearing about one academic law library’s experience with workflow review in acquisitions and collections. Learn how we worked within our library, with vendors, and with other stakeholders on campus to shrink our workflows, save time and money, and make our library a bit more nimble for those unknowns on the horizon. It wasn’t a cakewalk, but we hope you can learn from our mistakes!

NOTE: One or more speakers did not consent to the AALL recording release and this program was not recorded.

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