Engaging Public Librarians in the Access to Justice Movement: Creating Skills-Based Legal Research Continuing Education Programs (C1)

Date + Time: Sunday, July 14, 2019: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Speakers: Anne Rajotte, University of Connecticut School of Law; Christopher Roy, Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries

BoK Domains: Marketing + Outreach, Teaching + Training

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Public libraries and librarians are vital components of the access to justice movement. Nevertheless, public librarians can be hesitant to provide legal information because of worries of unauthorized practice of law or unfamiliarity with legal materials. Several members of a working group of the Connecticut Access to Justice Commission designed a continuing education program for public librarians that addresses common types of legal questions and presents information in a “hands-on” way.

This program will teach participants how to successfully develop their own “hands-on” program. Learn how to partner with local public librarian organizations and conduct surveys and focus groups to determine what types of legal reference questions public librarians commonly receive. Second, the presenters will discuss how to tailor an instructional program based on survey and focus group responses. The presenters will provide guidance on how to create instructional activities designed to reinforce learning and offer immediate feedback. Finally, presenters will discuss how to provide public librarians with the tools to perform legal reference interviews and how to develop in-class role-playing exercises so that students can practice and receive feedback.

This program is sponsored by the LISP-SIS.

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