AALL Consulting Services Webinar

Date: April 30, 2020
Moderator: Megan Mall, American Association of Law Libraries
Speakers: Femi Cadmus, Duke Law; Marcia Burris, Nexsen Pruet, LLC; Mark Estes, Infopro Consulting and University of San Diego School of Law; and Billie Jo Kaufman, Mercer School of Law and American University Washington College of Law (Emerita).

BoK Domains: Information Management, Research + Analysis

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During this webinar, we introduce a new pilot project, AALL Consulting Services. The pilot aims to connect law schools, law firms, and government agencies with highly qualified law librarians who can provide expertise for strategic projects. Immediate Past President Femi Cadmus will explain the initiative’s strategic goals, the application process for members, and how member-consultants will be matched with clients. Then, members Marcia Burris, Mark Estes, and Billie Jo Kaufman discuss their own prior consulting engagements in the law firm, government, and academic sectors, respectively. The webinar also includes a Q&A session, where the webinar speakers answer questions from attendees.

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