Access And Preservation Of Legal Information In US Territories (FCIL-SIS)

Date: December 9, 2020
Moderator: Caitlin Hunter, UCLA Law Library
Coordinator: Marcelo Rodríguez, US Courts for the Second Circuit
Speakers: Aesha Duval, US Courts for the Third Circuit; Geraldine Cepeda, Supreme Court of Guam; Victoria Szymczak, University of Hawaii

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The FCIL-SIS Continuing Education Committee presented a webinar on focusing on access and preservation of legal information in US territories. Aesha Duval (US Virgin Islands Branch Librarian, US Courts for the Third Circuit) and Geraldine Cepeda (Compiler of Laws, Supreme Court of Guam and Executive Director/Librarian of the Guam Law Library) discussed systemic issues and current experiences in preserving and providing access to their territories’ legal materials. Victoria Szymczak (Law Library Director, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii) described a successful academic partnership at the University of Hawaii Law School that can serve as a model for law libraries in other jurisdictions. Marcelo Rodríguez (Research and Training Librarian, US Courts for the Second Circuit) coordinated this webinar.

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