Going Beyond Traditional Research Methods with Advanced AI

Date: September 10, 2019
Moderator: Lindsey Bezdichek, Thomson Reuters
Speakers: Merine Thomas, Thomson Reuters, Carol Jo Lechtenberg Thomson Reuters

BoK Domains:  Information Management, Research and Analysis

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning have reached new heights in terms of buzzword popularity, but at their core have the potential for big market impact. Thomson Reuters has been leveraging the application of AI and machine learning for years to advance legal technology and improve how attorneys conduct legal research. During this webinar, you’ll get a first-hand look at the most advanced AI-based project Thomson Reuters has ever tackled: Westlaw Edge Quick Check. Quick Check, an intelligent legal document analysis tool, goes beyond traditional research methods to uncover relevant authority that may have been missed. Hear from the creators of Quick Check on how this feature is helping researchers practice with a new level of confidence in their own work, gain a strategic advantage against their opponents, and ultimately deliver superior client value.

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