Creating Non-Traditional Leadership Opportunities for Professional Growth and Institutional Excellence

Date: May 28, 2016
Moderator: Valerie Aggerbeck
Speaker: Dr. Julie Todaro

Tracks: Library Management

Ensuring leadership opportunities in organizations provides not only professional growth opportunities for staff but also enriches and contributes to organizational excellence. The most successful organizations recognize that managers and high level leaders must expand leadership opportunities and identify and grow leadership possibilities within the organization’s reach. Designed to illustrate these opportunities for leading in all types and sizes of organizations as well as at all levels within environments, the webinar will provide definitions of traditional and non-traditional leadership, cover short and long term possibilities, outline how to nurture opportunities for maximizing experiences and include scenarios, examples and checklists for what makes these opportunities a win-win for employees and the institution in general.

NOTE: We regret that due to an emergency at the speaker’s location, the speaker was offline between 14:39 to 21:46.

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