Cuban Law and Legal Research: A Snapshot During the Deshielo (D4)

Date/Time: Monday, July 17, 2017: 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Coordinator/Moderator/Speaker: Julienne Grant, Loyola University Chicago School of Law Library
Speakers: Jorge Piñon, The University of Texas at Austin; Marisol Florén Romero, Florida International University; Teresa Miguel-Stearns, Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library

Track: Reference, Research & Client Services

The dramatic thaw (“deshielo”) of U.S.-Cuba relations has resulted in a surge in the demand for information on Cuba including its legal regime. Researching Cuban law, however, poses numerous challenges for U.S. researchers. These challenges run the gamut from an inadequate understanding of Cuban sources of law, to unwieldy government websites and a dearth of English-language materials. This program addresses those challenges head on by providing a snapshot of Cuban law and an assessment of legal resources as they exist in what is currently a highly fluid political and economic environment. An academic expert, Professor Jorge R. Piñon, will also evaluate U.S.-Cuba relations, the present economic landscape, and offer some thoughts on what to expect going forward as Raúl Castro’s tenure as Cuba’s chief executive draws to a close. This program is sponsored by the FCIL-SIS.

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