Systemic Racism, Implicit Bias & Privilege: Cultivating Change in Our Workspaces and Communities (GLL-SIS)

Date: April 8, 2021
Moderator: Jenny Silbiger, Hawaii State Judiciary
Speakers: Toussaint Romain, Appalachian State University

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On Thursday, April 8, 2021, the GLL-SIS Education Committee hosted a webinar on systemic racism, implicit bias, and privilege and the ways in which librarians can be catalysts of change. This 90 minute webinar/training provided an overview of structural racism, implicit bias, and privilege, including how these themes affect working institutions and spaces. Speaker Toussaint Romain provided practical insight on how participants can address and cultivate a positive difference around these challenges with colleagues/peers, stakeholders (i.e. patrons that come into respective library spaces), and also provided an opportunity to think about how awareness around implicit bias and privilege can affect the wider systems within which we work. The session included audience participation and brainstorming of ways we can affect change in our communities, no matter how small they may appear at first glance.

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