Design Thinking for Libraries: Rethinking the User Experience (H7)

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 19, 2016: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Coordinators: Bonnie Shucha, University of Wisconsin;
Genevieve Zook, University of Wisconsin
Speakers: Jason Driver, Chicago Public Library;
Michelle Frisque, Chicago Public Library; Martin Schilling, Chicago Public Library;
Melissa Wagner, Chicago Public Library

Tracks: Library Management; Reference, Research & Client Services

What is Design Thinking, and what could it do for your library? Panelists from the Chicago Public Library will introduce and explore the messy, fun process of Design Thinking, a concept that explores what people want, how they actually use things, and then proceeds by trial and error—efficiently, and without investing too much time—to produce innovative solutions. They will discuss projects where they have applied Design Thinking, and how these projects led to a collaboration with IDEO and Aarhus Public Library to create Design Thinking for Libraries. Panelists will address how Design Thinking can be applied on a daily basis, how to introduce Design Thinking to your organization and its leaders, and how to pick the right people for your Design Thinking initiatives.
Could Design Thinking be for you? Ready for a deeper dive into how you might implement it in your library? Attend Tuesday afternoon’s Innovation Lab: Design Thinking for Libraries.

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