Digital Search & Seizure Burning Issues after Riley v. California

Date: April 18, 2015
Speaker: Hanni Fakhoury

Tracks: Information Technology, Library Management

Hanni Fakhoury, a staff attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation, will explore the advantages and risks of technological advances that enhance access to information, but pose threats to information security as well. Mr. Fakhoury will address the changes in the laws associated with technologies and discuss how the users of can prevent these dangers to their employers and/or themselves. The threats to countries, governments and the legal community affect the way that technology is dealt with in our libraries, the various courts, and in our personal lives. Librarians must be at the ready to develop measures that both advance information access and protect sensitive information as well.

This recording was provided by the Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) from the 2015 NOCALL Institute.

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