Ethical Issues for Lawyers on Internet Including Social Media and the Cloud

Date: April 14-16, 2016
Speaker: Peter Vogel

Tracks: Information Technology

The Internet is the greatest social change in the history of humans since there are no boundaries of time or geography, Social Media is transforming communications and the cloud has become the most common storage space for attorney-client communications, and as a result ethics has changed dramatically. This presentation will focus on legal ethics unknown in the past. Because of these social changes and use of the cloud it is imperative that lawyers know and understand legal issues about Social Media, the cloud, and the Internet, or suffer the consequences. However learning about Social Media, the cloud, and Internet legal issues is not static and continues to change, so in the meantime we need to be vigilant to changes in Social Media, the cloud, and the Internet.

This recording was provided by the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (SEAALL), Southwestern Association of Law Libraries (SWALL), and the Dallas Association of Law Librarians (DALL) and presented at the SEAALL/SWAALL/DALL Joint Conference.

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